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turtles in portugal

Turtles in Portugal

The Portuguese word for Turtle is Tortuga and the Portuguese refer to others from their country as Tortugas.

So far, work on sea turtle biology and conservation by members of the University of Algarve has been conducted both in the Atlantic Ocean and in the Indian Ocean, and in collaboration with local governments and universities.

But past unsustainable coastal development and extensive turtle hunting for meat led to the end of this nesting population.

While there are several turtles endemic to Portugal, there are only two freshwater turtles in Portugal and these include the Mediterranean pond turtle and the European pond terrapin. The other turtles found in Portugal are marine turtles.

Alfama Lisbon skyline

Lisbon Portugal Travel Guide

Lisbon can only really be explained as a full-body experience, from bumping into people while distracted by the quaint cobblestones or the intricately decorated tiles on the sidewalks, in the Alfama district. At least if you’re having a bad day and your head is held low, you’ve got something to hold your attention or a reason to lift it up!

It’s easy to understand why Lisbon is commonly known as the City of Light, as you are surrounded by bold and vibrant colours that sing out to all the people. But the colour doesn’t stop there… the blue from the Tagus river is emphasised by the sun’s rays that escaped and are now dancing on its surface. The terracotta tiles that adorn the roofs generously lend warmth, even on a grim January’s morning.

Galway beautiful villages Renvyle beach

Galway Most Beautiful Towns and Charming Villages

While Galway city is undoubtedly a gem, filled with colour, gorgeous buildings, culture, friendly people and lots of “craic agus ceol”, the county of the same name has much to offer. It would be a shame to travel to the West of Ireland without exploring some of the beautiful towns and charming villages of County Galway. I spent numerous childhood holidays in the West of Ireland. In fact, we had a little cute Irish cottage overlooking Killary Harbour, in Rosroe.

Here are 18 of my suggestions of charming villages and beautiful towns in County Galway for you to visit.

Clifden, Roundstone and Connemara in Ireland

Galway Most Beautiful Places & A Few Local Legends

Galway’s wonderfully wild Connemara coast was the adored location of my childhood family holidays. The contrast with my hometown of Dublin was deliciously different and after a journey into the west, there was nothing I loved more than to hear the sound of the Atlantic waves crashing on the shores of a beautiful, remote white sandy beach.

I can still see myself as a young girl, thrilled at the prospect of a few exciting days filled with adventures and exploration. Running on the sand, spotting whales, meeting horses and lambs, making new friends and playing in the lush purple, yellow and green countryside.

Peniche sunset silver Coast Portugal

Silver Coast Portugal Travel Inspirations

Spectacular, yet super authentic, Peniche is well known for its freshly caught seafood. As Peniche is a working fishing town, it has a charming, gritty feeling about it. Head to the port and eat a reasonably priced, delicious seafood meal. During Salazar’s regime, political prisoners were detained at the seaside fort, so this is a must-see for those of you with an interest in history.

For lovers of watersports, the beach in the east of the town is where you can find all sorts of rentals and lessons. Lying 5.7 miles away from the port of Peniche, are the beautiful Ilhas Berlengas (Berlengas Islands), which were declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2011. Consolaçao, south of Peniche also deserves a visit, a stunning situation where you can enjoy miles of magnificent golden sand beaches.

Lisbon sustainable destination Alfama Lisbon skyline

Why Lisbon Is A Top Sustainable Destination

Lisbon, a destination in the south of Europe, known as one of the oldest cities in the world, offers visitors a mix of tradition with modernism which is accompanied by good weather all year round. It’s 2020 and Lisbon is probably one of the best destinations to visit if you are looking for an eco-friendly break.

Every year dozens of cities all over Europe compete for the award of becoming the European green capital, and in 2020, it was Lisbon’s turn. From transportation to accommodation and local food, this destination offer a wide range of options for all the budgets that want to travel in an environmentally friendly way.

Lisbon food to try pasteis de nata

6 Local Dishes To Try In Lisbon & 10 Top Places To Eat In Lisbon

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in western Europe and lies on seven hills. It is known for its beauty, history, food, its nightlife and its good weather. It is a great city to explore the wide range of Portuguese food as it is authentic, unique and interesting.

Lisbon locals are passionate about their food and they all take great pride in finding the best ingredients to create the most unique food. As Lisbon is right beside the ocean, they can source plenty of seafood and can be sold for cheap.

retire to portugal Praia do Bordeira

Planning to retire to Portugal? Discover 6 wonderful places to go

Renowned and very popular, the Algarve region is a place that can meet all kinds of needs. Temperate weather even in winter, great golden beaches, many local restaurants and bars and the chance of living in a typical village or in a more urban environment make this region really interesting. It is no coincidence that it is the most requested location by the retirees who wish to move to Portugal.

retire to Portugal Albufeira
Albufeira in the Algarve
Over 150 kilometres of beaches, interrupted only near Faro by the beautiful “Ria Formosa” lagoon, a protected area and natural park that gathers an incredible variety of ecosystems, protected animal and plant species, as well as being a true paradise for lovers of fishing.

Lisbon fado music Alfama district Live fado music in a Fado Restaurant

Fado In Lisbon: The Music Genre & 6 Places To Enjoy It

Fado (Fate) is a traditional Portuguese musical genre that is said to have originated in the early 19th century in the city of Lisbon and Coimbra. This type of music often contains sad music and lyrics and so is often described as the Portuguese expression of the blues. It often contains themes centring around the life of the poor or longing for a loved one at sea.

The Portuguese word “saudade” which means a longing or feeling of loss is associated heavily with this type of music. The Lisbon style is more well-known and considered a part of general Portuguese culture while the Coimbra style is based around the university of the city and is exclusively sung by men.

Songs are usually played on a Portuguese guitar often accompanied by a string quartet containing a classical (Spanish) guitar, a Portuguese version of a bass guitar called a Viola baixo and a double bass. The Lisbon type of Fado originated in the districts of Alfama, Mouraria and Bairro Alto