7 Top Things To Do And See In Mui Ne, Vietnam

Mui Ne Vietnam beach sunset

Located in South Vietnam, Mui Ne is a small, lovely coastal town and a must visit place in Vietnam. Mui Ne attractions range from sand dunes, tropical forest, and stunning beaches to the fishing harbour, traditional villages, and ancient structures such as the Van Thuy Tu Temple and Po Shanu Cham Towers. Image by harpenz from Pixabay Mui Ne is … Read More

The Best Town in China for Outdoor Activities

best place in China for outdoor activities Yangshuo

By Lance Devore You probably know Beijing’s Great Wall and Imperial Palace, as well as Shanghai’s Bund and Pearl Tower. You probably even know Xi An’s Terracotta Warrior Army. These are well-known for a reason, and make for good memories and some great photos. But beyond China’s mainstream tourist spots, there are still many incredible adventures for you to have. … Read More

Bali Indonesia Travel Inspirations

Bali Indonesia Travel Inspirations

I was in Bali in 2000. Time magazine reported that in 2001, Bali had 1.3 million foreign visitors, but ten years later, these figures have almost doubled. Plus they don’t take into account the millions of Indonesian visitors. This article is a combination of my memories from my trip in 2000, but also includes up to date information about how … Read More