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In 2017, because of my travel blog writing, I was lucky enough to get the book commission for Salvador Dalí at Home. I delivered the manuscript in mid-December 2017, and the book is scheduled for release in October 2018.

Guadalest Spain Gorgeous Views
Guadalest Spain

Inspired by the power of what can happen from our writing online

Inspired by the power of what can happen from our writing online, we are creating a series of inspirational country travel guides. We will write a comprehensive guide and collaborate with a number of travel bloggers/writers who are contributing 500+ words about their favourite places in various countries. Additionally we are collaborating with tour guides. (Examples of some guest posts can be found further below).

Below is the first country guide, which is still a work in progress, as currently we are in the pre-launch phase.

The first guest blog appears under the Aragon section, then you will see more in the Balearic Islands, Catalonia and Madrid.

These will give you a feeling for how we are introducing our collaborators.


spain holiday guide menorca es castell harbour
menorca es castell harbour

Photo by Nicola Dunkinson

If you would like to take part, please follow the suggestions below but do feel free to ask any questions. All bloggers who take part will be promoted a lot on Twitter and we will also do some promotion on Facebook.Your bio will of course link back (no-follow) to your blog and social profiles.

Below you can see an example of a guest post and down the end, the way we are promoting collaborators, in terms of their bios and other links. Jessica Harding went a good few extra miles with her guest post, as it is very detailed and somewhere over 2000 words.

Barcelona Travel Guide: An Incredibly Useful Guide

Our fan base is a total of 49,000+

Twitter my profile 31,000+

Twitter travel blog 6000+

Facebook 8500+

Suggestions: Place/s that have inspired you most

Palma Mallorca horse drawn carriage

Choose a place that has inspired you most in your travels, or places if you wish to contribute more than one guest post.

1. Why you like your chosen place so much

2. Places to go/things to do there

3. Inspirational highlights – this can be with a creative slant, why this place has inspired you, if you wished to write or be creative, or especially beautiful spots, the culture, people, it is very open – it should really be the first thing that comes into your heart when you think Inspirational X place 🙂

Some other guest post examples:

Parc Guell Barcelona
Parc Guell Barcelona

Travel bloggers

Zaragoza Spain Travel Guide, by Ellie Quinn

Majorca Spain travel guide: an insider guide by Nicola Dunkinson

Tour guides

Barcelona: a magical city full of energy, symbols and hidden secrets by Eduardo Maturana, of Barcelona Oculta (Hidden Barcelona)

Madrid Travel Guide: Madrid: A City Full of Temptations by Patricia Morcillo, Tour Guide

Contact details & checklist

Any questions or guest post suggestions, please email me at:

1. Blog post – 100% original, not published elsewhere and 500+

2. Photos that you own if you have some to support your writing

3. Bio – best written in the third person

4. Bio photo

5. Social media and blog links

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