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Villajoyosa Spain Travel Guide

Villajoyosa Spain (Costa Blanca)

A Sweet and Joyful Village

Villajoyosa translates as “joyful village”. This title is very descriptive, as it is difficult not to be joyful while you are here in this Spanish Costa Blanca town. This tranquil seaside destination has sunny days, soft sand and bright multi-coloured houses that are sure to make you smile.

Villajoyosa Spain Costa Blanca Colourful Buildings

Life in Villajoyosa is pretty sweet and joyful so make the most of it while you are here and check out all the great experiences that this destination has to offer.

Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

You might think it’s the lovely scenery, the afternoon siestas or the sunny weather, but the real reason why people in Villajoyosa are so happy is because they have an abundance of delicious chocolate to eat.

Villajoyosa Village Costa Blanca

Villajoyosa is home to three different chocolate factories, producing sweet and succulent confections and creamy bars of this addictive treat. The most famous is probably the Valor Chocolate factory, but you can also visit the Clavileno Factory and the Perez Factory.

Villajoyosa Spain Valor Chocolate factory

Photo credit: Rental Cars

Each of these factories is free to visit and has as museum and a shop where you can learn more about the history of chocolate making in Villajoyosa. There are sure to be plenty of free samples, so that you can satisfy your chocolate craving and choose your favourite type to take home with you to share with your friends (or at least you will tell yourself you are bringing them home, but they are so tempting that you will end up eating them well before boarding your flight!)

Villajoyosa beach and background of the old fishing district

Check out the Underground Scene

A great idea for a short day trip away from Villajoyosa is the amazing Cuevas del Canelobre or the Candelabra Caves. These caves are said to be the largest and deepest caverns in Spain and they were formed by water dripping through limestone over many millions of years.

Villajoyosa Spain Caves of Canelobre-cuevas-canelobre-

Photo credit: Turismo Busot

These eerie and fascinating caves are lit up in such a way that their shadows take on the form of animals and the cave has the ethereal feeling of a cathedral. The main rock formation is in the shape of a candelabra, which is what gives the caves their name. These caves can be visited at any point in the year and you will need to take a guided tour to go down into their depths. Your guide will tell you plenty of interesting facts about the history and science of the caves. Remember to take a jumper, as it will be chilly deep inside the cave.

Relaxing on the Beach

Of course, all of the towns along the Costa Blanca have excellent beaches, but the ones in Villajoyosa are truly something special. They have been given the European Blue Flag award which indicates a high standard of cleanliness and facilities.

Villajoyosa Spain beach in La Vila Joiosa

The beaches here are much less noisy and crowded than those in the neighbouring resort of Benidorm. These peaceful and unspoilt beaches offer wide expanses of sand and tiny coves where you can retreat for a private place to relax in the sun.

Take your time to soak up the sweet and joyful life in beautiful Villajoyosa.

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  1. Going there next Feb.
    .very excited, been there on a day trip 2 years ago.and it is a very beautiful town.Chocolate factory is Amazing 2.

    1. Jackie De Burca

      That is brilliant Roger!!! 🙂 I bet you’re really looking forward to it. By then we will be running competitions so save some photos and remember us. Check back to see what is happening and let us know how you got on. Have a fab time, Jackie

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