48 Hours In Wales

Celtic landscapes, Incredible coastal views and epic adventures. This is Wales. The reasons you should visit Wales are just endless. If you are looking for a destination full of incredible things to see and in just 2 days, Wales is the spot for you. Use this guide to plan the ultimate trip with only 48 hours in Wales.

48 hours in Wales Cadir Idris

Why Wales should be your next 48 hour getaway

One of the best things about Wales is that there is so much to do, no matter how long your trip is. You could be visiting for 2 months or 2 hours and have an endless list of places you want to visit.

Wales is a haven for nature lovers. With plenty of coastal and mountain walks, you will absolutely get your money’s worth from your walking boots.

If you need a change of scenery from the rolling hills and rugged coast line, the 6 Cities throughout Wales will give you that urban fix.

Planning your 48 hours in Wales

You are looking at around a 4 hour drive to travel from one side of Wales to the other. So if you are one of those travellers that loves seeing everything in a short amount of time, it is totally doable. 

However, if you want to have a trip with a bit less travelling, you are best spending your 48 hours in Wales in either North or South Wales. Both parts of the Country offer incredible views and a true taste of Wales. 

It doesn’t matter what you choose to do – Wales will offer you an unforgettable experience that will make you want to come back again and again! 

To inspire your 48 hours in Wales, take a look at the most popular and unique things to do during your trip.

48 hours in Wales for Speedy Travellers

48 hours in Wales Snowdonia Roads

Wales is a small country that can be covered in just 48 hours.

It is perfect for travellers who want to explore the country but don’t have much time. The small size of Wales means that you can visit many cities and beaches in just 2 days. If you are looking for good places to eat, Wales has some of the best restaurants in the UK.

The Welsh countryside is also beautiful and provides many opportunities for amazing Insta-Worthy snaps

The best places to visit in 48 hours for Speedy Travellers in Wales:








48 hours in Wales for Nature Lovers

48 hours in Wales Llyn Padarn

Wales is a country with a rich culture and history. But if you love the outdoors, It has some of the most spectacular landscapes in the UK, and it is a perfect destination for nature lovers.

A 48 hour trip to Wales can be done in a few ways.You can spend your time exploring the mountains, lakes, rivers and beaches across Wales using the many walking routes or just enjoying the views from a local pub.

The Welsh coast is also worth visiting if you love getting active on your trip. It offers some of the best surfing spots in Europe and stunning views of Snowdonia National Park from across Cardigan Bay.

The best places to visit for Nature lovers in 48 hours:

The Brecon Beacons

Snowdonia National Park

Pembrokeshire National Park

Llyn Padarn

The Blue Lagoon 

48 hours for Urban Explorers

48 hours in Wales Pembroke Castle

With 6 Cities and over a hundred towns, Wales has everything for someone who prefers a City break. As you will be visiting an urban area in Wales, expect a twist. History and Nature are part of the Cities and Towns in Wales so you will always find something unexpected.

The best places to visit for Urban Explorers in 48 hours:





St. Davids

48 hours in North Wales

48 hours in Wales North Wales

North Wales is a beautiful place for a weekend getaway. It has lots of walks, nature, lakes, mountains and places to eat.

The Welsh coast is famously beautiful. It’s not just the sea- the coastline stretches all the way to Snowdonia National Park in the north-west of Wales, which includes some of Britain’s most dramatic mountain ranges and plenty of opportunities for walking. The area also has lots of lakes and rivers that are perfect for canoeing or fishing.

North Wales itself is full of natural beauty too – with forests, beaches and hills to explore. There are also plenty of hidden gems in this region – like Llangollen canal with its stunning aqueducts or picturesque Betws-y-Coed.

The best places to visit with 48 hours in North Wales:

Snowdonia National Park


The Isle of Angelsey 

Llyn Padarn

 Lake Vrynwy 


48 hours in South Wales

48 hours in Wales South Wales Castles

South Wales is connected by the M4 so makes exploring this area in 48 hours so easy. From Woodland Walks to beautiful beaches, you won’t get tired of exploring South Wales.

The best places to visit with 48 hours in South Wales:

Castel Coch

St Fagans Museum of Welsh Life

The Brecon Beacons


The Gower

Top Things to know before visiting Wales

To make sure your 48 hours in Wales are incredible, here are a few things you should know before you go:

📍The Weather is incredibly unpredictable all year round. So even if you plan to visit in the Summer, make sure you pack a coat.

📍There are more sheep than people in Wales, so don’t be surprised if you see them everywhere!

📍Even though many parts of Wales are Welsh speaking, you will get by with English. If you want to make a good impression though, learn these key phrases

48 hours in Wales Welsh phrases to learn

📍Don’t be confused if someone says ‘Alright’ to you on the street. They are actually just saying Hello, not actually asking if you are okay…

📍Chips and Curry Sauce is the ultimate comfort food for all Welsh People, so make sure you try it.

📍If you want to try Welsh Cakes, the best ones are in Local Markets as they are freshly made in front of you.

48 hours in Wales final thoughts: If you are planning a quick getaway to Wales, your trip will not disappoint. No matter where you decide to go to in Wales, 48 hours will give you a trip full of amazing views, great food and wonderful people.

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