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Giants Festival La Llagosta-Trobada de Gegants i Capgrossos a La Llagosta

In Llagosta there is the Giants Festival, where the parade passes through the Onze de Setembre Ramblas and through many streets of the town. Giants are both local and from other towns in Catalonia, and it is joyful event. During celebrations in the Middle Ages giants were a part, and although down through the ages, they have sometimes been prohibited either for religious or political reasons, they really made a comeback after democracy was in place.

Moving The Herd Matadepera – Fem la Transhumància

In La Vall-Can Pèlacs (Can Pèlacs Valley) – The people of the area want to show you how they do their work, so in mid to late September, around the Feast of Saint Michael – they organise a day for visitors to be with them and the grazing herd. Often more than a hundred people or so come to see this event. In 2014 these days have currently been changed to February.

Witch Festival Centelles – Cau de Bruixes a Centelles

Be bewitched in Centelles – enjoy an entertaining cultural festival programme of activities which focus around the town’s witch and the esoteric traditions, along with street entertainment, esoteric lectures, a market, the streets are themed, and there is storytelling, drinks and festivities. For a long time, the women who are born in Centelles, as well as numerous other towns in Catalonia , have the reputation of being witches. Although it’s not possible to trace why their famed reputation of being witches, it has been passed down from generation to generation up to the present day. In some folklore stories, there is the mention of – Centella, witches all – or – the land that sparks witches.