live music Galway best music pubs

Live Music in Galway? Here Are Galway’s Best Music Pubs

Part and parcel of a trip to Galway is definitely seeing some live music in a great Galway bar. If you spend time in Galway without checking out at least one of Galway’s best live music pubs, be sure not to tell anybody!! It is almost something to be ashamed of ….

Galway is my favourite city in Ireland, and that says a lot as I’m from Dublin. Galway is an amazing place to experience traditional Irish music, in a fun, friendly atmosphere. The 2020 European Capital of Culture has no shortage of fantastic live music venues. By the way these Galway live music bars have not been listed in any special preference. Also we are also compiling the Galway Gig Guide here for you.

Galway whiskey trail route

The Galway Whiskey Trail: an insider’s guide

When you think of Ireland, I imagine you might picture cute green leprechauns, rolling lush fields, fun friendly people who are always having the “craic*,” endless pints of Guinness and of course, a huge range of wonderful whiskeys to complete the story. And naturally enough there are some beautiful Irish girls dancing away in the corner of the pub, to some great live music. They’re such good dancers, they’re probably on a break from Riverdance!!

So when you come to Galway, to be sure, to be sure, you will want to sample one of these staples of Irish life: Ireland’s wonderful whiskey. Rarely has a drink carried with it such fascinating folklore and history, and in Galway you can follow along the route known as the Galway Whiskey Trail.