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8 Best Beach Destinations In Morocco

When you hear Morocco, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind?

Is it the beautiful Riads in Marrakech, or is it the Blue Pearl City of Chefchaouen? We think those places are great, but we also think that Moroccan beaches could be the most heavenly destinations in the country!

North-Africa’s Morocco is located in the upper west side of the continent. A location that offers the privilege of the Atlantic AND the Mediterranean coast. From world-famous surf locations to wild paradise-like beaches, Morocco has it all. Here we reveal the list of the most mesmerising beach destinations to visit while in Morocco.

Discover 8 best beach destinations in Morocco with Yousra your insider Morocco Guide

1. Belyounech

belyounech best beaches morocco
Belyounech Beach: Photo: Doria L’exploratrice

Its ideal location nestled between the mountains and very close to a fishing village earned it a spot on this list. The beautiful waters of Belyounech are of a picturesque blue. Its sand may not be the best, but this beach became a trend among local travellers for a special reason: Belyounech is one of the hottest diving spots in the country.

2. Tcharrana

top beaches in Morocco Plage-Tcharrana-
Photo: Plage-Tcharrana by Visit Saidia

Tcharrana… the magical, wild, and (luckily) little known beach located in the Nador region. The very calm and serene atmosphere will win you over, besides, of course, the cartoon-like turquoise water.

This heavenly place is even more breathtaking at night. A reason why many young locals set up tents in that area. The stars definitely shine brighter at Tcharrana Beach!

3. Tibouda

Plage_Tibouda Morocco top beaches
Photo: Plage Tibouda, by Visit Saidia

If you’re looking for a sweet escape from the world, Tibouda is a recommended destination. This Mediterranean village is about an hour away from the city of Nador, yet it’s a world on its own.

The see-through water offers a fascinating window to the marine ecosystem. The crisp white rocks put the Greek islands to shame. And the friendly locals will make you feel at home.

4. Sid El Bachir

Plage sid em bachir tmadet-Morocco by Visit Saidia

If you look closely you can see how the small waves brush up against the sand from both sides. Offering quite a unique view, that is very unlikely in nature. It’s safe to say that this beach is wild both literally and figuratively!

Make sure to take in the view. Take a lot of pictures, you know, just as proof for when your friends don’t believe your story…

5. Portorico- Dakhla

best beaches morocco portorico
Portorico each by Dakla Attitude by Dakhla-Attitude

Miles and miles of wild beaches surround Dakhla Bay. Beaches where you feel really alone in the world.

The alleged royal favourite is the Portorico beach. With white sand and crystal clear waters, it is ideal for sunbathing, swimming and watching the appearance of the prettiest migratory birds: Flamingos.

There is also the possibility to spend the night in a tent or bivouac for the most daring of the travellers. The most beautiful wild beaches of Morocco can be found in this region.

6. Sidi Kaouki

best beaches in morocco sidi-kaouki-plage
Sidi Kaouki Plage by

In a very close location to a Berber village in the Essaouira region, Sidi Kaouki is an embodiment of the expression: summer all year long! Life in the surrounding area is an authentic Moroccan simplicity. Surfers are the biggest fans of this beach.

Let the refreshing air help you chill out, while you’re having mint tea in the area’s vibey cafes and restaurants. And when the sunset is approaching, don’t miss the opportunity to take a camel ride around the dunes.

7. White Dune of Dakhla

White-Dune Dakhla
White Dune Dakhla by Dakhla-Attitude

The kite surfers community highly approve of this location. For them, the Dakhla lagoon is magnetic. At low tide, it is possible to cross on foot to Dragon Island in the distance. At high tide, the lagoon turns into a shallow natural pool that the sun warms up all year round.

The White Dune, a surprising geological curiosity that resembles a lunar landscape, stands alone against the Atlantic Ocean. At high tide, it appears to float in the Bay. At low tide, millions of cello crabs pile up on the banks of the natural pool that forms inside. The White Dune (Duna Blanca) of Dakhla is a must!

8. Legzira

best beaches morocco Legzira_beach
Legzira Beach by MB-world/Wikimedia

Yet another iconic site that has earned much attention from nature lovers around the world. The natural rock formations at Legzira beach is what sets it apart from other beach destinations in Morocco.

This red arch is the subject of many sunset-chasers bucket list. But those are not the only ones that visit. Adventure lovers can also pass by for an exceptional paragliding experience!

The choice is yours. You can go for the location that captured your heart the most. Or you could see all of these on a Morrocan beach tour, as these little heavens on earth are not very far in distance…

How To Get To Morocco


Morocco has several international airports, located in the major cities of the country: including gateways in Agadir, Casablanca, Marrakesh, and Tangier.

Most major European airlines offer connections to Morocco, including British Airways, Lufthansa, KLM, and Air France.

However, for visitors coming from the U.S, Morocco’s flag carrier, Royal Air Maroc, is currently the only airline offering direct flights from the United States.


If your current location is in Europe and you wanted to stop by Morocco then you have the option of getting there by sea. Routes start from Spain, France, and Italy, and most of them take you to the port city of Tangier.

Getting Around Morocco

Morocco has one of the best train networks in Africa, and has recently enabled a high-speed train that covers the destinations between Tangier and Casablanca: very efficient compared to regular carriages.
The journeys are generally safe and comfortable, advanced booking is also possible via the ONCF website.


An alternative method would be long-distance buses. As some destinations are not in the train network: such as Essaouira and other smaller cities.

You can buy combined train and bus tickets on the ONCF website. can usually buy tickets for either company at the bus depot on your chosen day of departure.

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