Witch Festival Centelles – Cau de Bruixes a Centelles

Witch Festival Centelles – Cau de Bruixes a Centelles – End January & Beginning of February

Be bewitched in Centelles – enjoy an entertaining cultural festival programme of activities which focus around the town’s witch and the esoteric traditions, along with street entertainment, esoteric lectures,  a market, the streets are themed, and there is storytelling, drinks and festivities. Cau de Bruixes de Centelles witch festivalFor a long time, the women who are born in Centelles, as well as numerous other towns in Catalonia , have the reputation of being witches. Although it’s not possible to trace why their famed reputation of being witches, it has been passed down from generation to generation up to the present day. In some folklore stories, there is the mention of – Centella, witches all – or – the land that sparks witches. So in 1998 from a group of people from the population spurred on by the popular saying : “sparks , all of them witches” started the Cau de Bruixes a Centelles. Over the years this has evolved into a playful cultural tradition of witches and esoteric, with street entertainment, stories, themed streets and festivities. It has become even more popular in recent years, attracting attention from outside of the province of Barcelona from others who want to promote and participate in this culture. The festival is cultural, playful and magical and is structured like this: Cultural : Esoteric lectures, workshops esoteric medieval music.. Playful : Street entertainment , theatre, workshops, themed streets , family activities… Magical: Esoteric and alternative medicine and health techniques The festival falls each year around 1 to 2 weeks before the beginning of Carnival. Below you can check the dates which often fall at the end of January and beginning of February: Website: http://www.centelles.cat/caudebruixes/ Adjuntament de Centelles Carrer Nou, 19 Centelles 08540 Phone: 938 810 375    

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