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Is Lisbon A Romantic City? Fairy Tale Castles, Sexy Sunsets But…

By Shauna Hehir

What springs to mind when you hear the word Romance? Long walks along the promenade while the sun is setting? Moonlight walks on the beach? A romantic picnic for two? Or is it a more of a simplistic idea of dining out in a local restaurant? No matter what your idea of romance is Lisbon is the place to be.

I believe Lisbon is a perfect destination for any type of couple, whether you are a mature, retired couple or a young couple searching for adventure – Lisbon offers it all. The picturesque sights that Lisbon offers the perfect tone of love and beauty. Rome is stated to be the city of Love however in my opinion, I believe that Lisbon has all the same attributes and more.

romantic Lisbon Porto das Hortas
Lisbon Porto das Hortas

Photo by Paulo Valdivieso

Having visited Lisbon, myself recently I could see the excitement and wonder of passing couples. The beautiful river of Cais do Sodre lines the city this make it the ideal location for romantic boating trips. The bright blue river sets a tone of tranquillity throughout the area. The sounds of the river put the mind at ease creating a calm environment.

Lisbon has romantic sailboat rides with wine

Romantic boating experiences for you and your partner sets the perfect mood for a blissfully, romantic evening. Sunset Sailboat ride with wine is a couple’s must..have experience. This sailboat trip is two hours around Lisbon from the river Tagus to central Lisbon, and costs from €38 per person.

However there are both shared and private options, with a huge amount of offerings. That’s why this video is very useful.

A romantic row and picnic

Or another idea is to go on a rowing trip followed by a romantic picnic for two by the Campo Grande. This area was purpose-built for romantic walks and has become a very popular couples’ activity.

Propose at an iconic spot in Lisbon

Lisbon is full of beautiful viewing points, the perfect backdrop for any couple, especially someone who is proposing. The Lisboa São Cristóvão e São Lourenço is one that comes for me as the perfect point for any couple to proclaim their love for each other, or to propose.

There are many viewpoints of Lisbon full of such beautiful scenes with views of the river bridges churches and the amazing architecture. Each viewpoint offers a unique aspect of the city. The panoramic views are truly amazing. As well as having unbelievable views, Lisbon has many elements which make it such a romantic location.

Lisbon for couples romantic colours and architecture

Even the churches in the city feel romantic. The church of Sao Roque is one of my favourites, filled with beautiful monumental art, the architecture of the church is truly outstanding. It is the earliest St Jesuit church in the Portuguese world.

Another standout church is Santo Antonio Church. Dedicated to Saint Anthony, it was built in 1195. This church Is a more basic model with less art and architecture. Simple is beautiful in this case. So not only is Lisbon the perfect place to get engaged but also the perfect location for a romantic wedding.

romantic places Lisbon Palace of Pena in Sintra
Palace of Pena in Sintra

Live out your modern-day fairy-tale in the enchanting castles of Portugal from the St. George Castle, to my personal favourite in Sintra, Pena Castle which is also known as the Moorish Castle. This castle is Europe’s most beautiful and breath-taking medieval castle.  Hidden between the rocky hills of Portugal, its unique location highlights its incredible beauty.

Drift away from reality and experience romance in an amazing and unforgettable experience in the beautifully structured theatre, the Teatro Nacional D. Maria II in Rossio Square is a must-see display of shows. The theatre was built in 1863 but was destroyed by a fire and rebuilt in the second half of the 20th century.  This amazingly structured building is dedicated to Queen Mary II of Portugal, who was a great patron of the theatrical arts.

Lisbon is famous for its unique charming layout with hidden streets, back lanes and twisting roads. From my time in Lisbon, I saw restaurants in secluded areas – a feeling that is rather romantic for couples. These romantic restaurants create the perfect location for a private candlelit meal with your other half.

romantic Lisbon for couples Faz Figuera 1
Faz Figuera

Lisbon’s most romantic dining experience is Faz Figura. Ocean views, with light coming in from all angles and crisp, white table linen and a contemporary elegant ambience ensure a romantic setting for love birds. This Lisbon restaurant has an enchanting atmosphere. Add to this romance and panoramic views, a carefully designed selection of Portuguese contemporary dishes and now the recipe for romance has even gone up a notch further!

romantic Lisbon for couples Faz Figuera
Faz Figuera

There is a huge variety of dining experiences in Lisbon. The food market in Lisbon is extremely varied, with a superb set-up that has something for everyone. While there are many hidden gems,  a couple simply cannot leave Lisbon without trying one of their world-famous custard mini-tarts. These custard tarts are one of Lisbon’s most famous attributes. Believe it or not, these special deserts have put Lisbon on the map. These tarts are the perfect little token to show that special person you love them.

My favourite hotel with romance on my mind was the Hotel White Lisboa. The hotel’s all-white interior creates a calm and soothing environment. It certainly offers the perfect atmosphere for couples to relax and reconnect after a day of sightseeing. Also, the hotel of Lisboa Pessoa with its beautiful pool and spa is another great choice for couples.

The romantic sounds of Lisbon should definitely be part of your trip there. Lisbon has its own speciality of music, Fado music is quite melancholic, yet very moving. It features the six-string Portuguese guitar. Close your eyes and let the music feed your soul, while you hold hands and touch the skin of that special person in your life.

Is Lisbon A Romantic City? Fairy Tale Castles, Sexy Sunsets But…yes it has something more. There is a special atmosphere there that is created by its amazingly friendly people, and its highlights that can touch all five of your senses.

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