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Created by Jackie De Burca, the author of Salvador Dalí at Home, Travel Inspires is a ground-breaking travel blog and media partner.

First ever travel blog to create stories for children to entice and educate them about destinations

Inspired by her work on the Salvador Dalí book and her own life experiences, Jackie De Burca had the vision to write and incorporate children’s stories in the blog’s destination guides. The guide that has been developed as an example is about Tarragona. Boasting an UNESCO ensemble, Tarragona lies only an hour south of Barcelona and is overflowing with culture and family experiences. De Burca has adapted a local legend about the devil, a donkey, a couple and a bridge that is part of this UNESCO ensemble, to be accessible and enjoyable for 21st century children.

Tarragona -Roman amphitheatere Tarragona

Tarragona -Roman amphitheatere Tarragona

Along with the story for children, the blog also has other sections such as Tarragona: 9 cool places to take your parents, 14 facts about the Roman lifestyle and a local recipe that the family can make before and after going to Tarragona.

See the Tarragona Spain Family Travel Guide by clicking on the photo below.

Tarragona Spain family travel guide

The concept behind this approach is to make the blog uniquely attractive to families making decisions and plans about their holidays together. Tim Leatherbarrow, a really talented cartoonist, is currently working on illustrations for the children’s story to make it even more fun and visual.

Additionally, De Burca is developing a children’s travel writing competition and all entries will be published on Travel Inspires. This means that other children can be inspired by these articles written by their peers.

Inspiring adults and children

Travel Inspires intends to highlight the magical inspiration that can be found in places that we visit and spend time in. Travel Inspires is currently collaborating with talented travel bloggers, tour guides and other experts, offering comprehensive travel guides, from a range of perspectives. So both younger and more mature family members will be catered for in an incredibly well-rounded and imaginative way.

Travel Inspires also partners with important causes to help raise awareness.

Partnership with the UK’s National Literacy Agency

We have agreed a partnership with the UK’s National Literacy Agency. We presented a concept for a writing competition for children, which will not only trigger their imagination, but will focus on the environment and social and humanitarian causes. The competition will run from January to March 2019. All entries will be published on the travel blog.

Spain travel guide-ORDEAL MAN HARVESTING

Travel Inspires travel guides style

The comprehensive travel guides are being designed ambitiously with the concept of being full of superb, useful information written by top experts in that particular country or place. There is the main guide itself, but then we also invite creative travel bloggers, tour guides and other local experts to contribute. We believe that this offers our audience an incredibly well rounded perspective.Storytelling linked to the land, its people, culture, art and mythology helps travellers to experience these destinations more deeply.

Adult writing competitions & mentoring

Travel Inspires intends to promote cultural awareness and sustainability through this genre of storytelling. Soon Travel Inspires will be running travel and culture writing competitions with generous cash prizes quarterly and a grand prize of one-to-one mentoring for one week in Spain with Jackie,  in addition to money.

Partnerships with important causes

Travel Inspires is also setting up partnerships with important causes. The concept behind this is to raise awareness of causes around the world through this blog and social media.

Salvador Dali at Home by Jackie de Burca

Jackie was inspired to set up this blog and organisation during her work on the book, Salvador Dalí at HomeHer journey of researching Dalí’s immense connection to his homeland of Catalonia showed her how integral our environments can be to our well-being, creativity and life experience.

Content examples

Here you can see the Spain Travel Guide, already with some contributions from bloggers, guides and experts..and with more coming soon. We’re just recently published a very special feature all about extra virgin olive oil and a special route that you can follow in Granada, Andalucia.

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