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Madrid Guided Tour Patricia Morcillo

My name is Patricia and I love bringing visitors on tours around the city that I love, Madrid.
Tour Itinerary
Our meeting point at the statue of Carlos III, at Puerta del Sol, dating from 1478. We normally meet around 10 am, but tours can be customised to your needs. 1. There we will see the most outstanding elements of this famous square that has the shape of the sun, hence its name: Statue of the Bear and the Madroño (Strawberry Tree), the square of Kilometre 0, Clock of the Puerta del Sol Square and the statue of King Carlos III, the first King of the French Bourbon dynasty that arrived in Spain in 1759 and reigned until his death, in 1788. This sovereign is considered to be the best the country has had, due to the amount of progress he triggered, and he is known as “the better mayor .”
Madrid Spain statue of the bear and strawberry tree
statue of the bear and strawberry tree
2. We continue our tour of the Calle Mayor, one of the most important and oldest streets in Madrid; there are references to it in 1599. Next we turn into Postas Street (Calle Postas) to see La Posada del Peine, the oldest and largest posada in Spain, dating back to 1610 and boasting 150 rooms. 3. Next we enter the Plaza Mayor (Main Square), which was built in 1580, to learn about its interesting history.
Madrid Travel Guide the Plaza Mayor
Plaza Mayor
4. From there we move on to Restaurante Botín, the oldest restaurant in the world; its origins date back to 1725.
Madrid Travel Guide Restaurant Botín
Restaurant Botín
5. Before resuming our journey again through the main street (Calle Mayor), we stop off at the Market of San Miguel, which is an ideal place to eat tapas. 6. From there we go to Plaza de la Villa (Town Hall), where the old town hall of the city is, which was built in 1693. We will also see the Torre de Lujanes and its door, which is still in the same place since 1494. We then leave the Calle Mayor for a moment, to take a look at the Tower of one of the oldest churches in Madrid, San Nicolás de Bari, which dates back to 1202. 7. Later, we will visit the remains of the Arab Wall, from the 9th century, built by Emir Mohamed I, the discoverer of the city.
Madrid Travel Guide Arab wall
Arab wall
8. Our next stop is the Cathedral of La Almudena, which began to be built in 1883 and was completed in 1993. Inside we can appreciate the figure of the Christ of the Good Death, from 1621, the organ -the largest in Spain-, the relic of John Paul II, the Chapel of Rezo, and some other curiosities.
Madrid Travel Guide Almudena Cathedral
Almudena Cathedral
9. Next, we go through the Palacio Real (Royal Palace), which is the largest in Europe, with 4,318 rooms, located opposite the Plaza de Oriente (Orient Square), where the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre) that was built in only 5 months, is located, until we arrive at the Gardens of Sabatini. 10. From there we cross over to the Plaza de España (Spain Square), to contemplate the most important monument we have in Madrid dedicated to Don Quixote de la Mancha and its creator, the great writer Miguel de Cervantes. 11. Our tour ends at the Parque del Oeste (West Park), where the Debod Temple is located. The Debod Temple is an Egyptian oratory that is 2,200 years old, and from which it is possible to contemplate the best sunset in the city.
Community of Madrid Spain travel guide-temple of Debod at night
temple of Debod at night

Patricia Morcillo Mostaza

Madrid Tour Guide & Journalist

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Patricia Morcillo Tours from €25
Patricia’s tour, as described above, normally costs €25, unless the group have some special requests.

Patricia is a journalist, professor of Spanish Language and Literature and, lately, a tourist guide. In her photo above, you can see Patricia broadcasting on RNE – Radio Nacional de España (National Radio of Spain), where she worked for nine years.

Patricia Morcillo at the Patio de las Doncellas Reales Alcazares Sevilla
Patricia Morcillo at the Patio de las Doncellas Reales Alcazares Sevilla

Patricia was born in Barcelona, but has spent most of her 49 years in Madrid; a city that she adores for its culture, its museums, its gardens, its monuments, its people, its history and, especially, for its thousand anecdotes.

She is absolutely delighted to convey her love for Madrid, through her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and her blog……..and of course, when tantalising visitors on her tours.
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