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My name is Eduardo, director of Barcelona Oculta Tours, I am a computer scientist and I have worked as an IT HelpDesk consultant, for more than 15 years. With a team of tour guides, in 2016, we decided to launch our Hidden Barcelona website and company, to offer alternative tourist routes in Barcelona.

Eduardo Maturana Barcelona Oculta
Eduardo Maturana Barcelona Oculta

Why do I love Barcelona?

I have always been struck by the ancient history, and the secrets and mysteries of the world, and when I decided to move to Barcelona, ​​I felt that this city transmitted a lot of magic and energy.

Barcelona Sagrada Familia
Barcelona Sagrada Familia

Little by little I began my own research about what Barcelona was hiding, both in its places and in the development of its urban planning throughout history. I have discovered some hidden places and many stories and anecdotes to tell our friends and the tourists that come to enjoy our routes.

I especially enjoy a lot the Masonic and Templar Route, since the legacy left to us by Freemasonry and the Order of the Knights Templar in Barcelona is impressive. But not only that, in our other tourist routes we also comment about the vestiges left by cultures before the Roman city that founded the city, and how this legacy connects with the current development of the city through an invisible thread. 

Barcelona Travel Guide Barcelona religious heritage-1Inspiring highlights

We enjoy telling these secret stories of Barcelona to our clients, in the most comfortable and accessible way for our clients, in fact, our tours are not rushed like many others.

Many people who travel to Barcelona, ​​fall in love with Barcelona, ​​and we try to reveal the reason. There are many secrets to tell and others that are still hidden, Barcelona has a lot to offer.

Places to go / Things to do

In all our routes, we show our clients the typical and famous places of Barcelona; its old town, the modern city, its streets and avenues, its large parks, its emblematic buildings, and the architecture that has made it famous, that of Gaudí and others modernist architects, but we also show the secret places that remain hidden from the common sight of the people. It fills us with emotion when people learn through our stories and anecdotes, which we reveal during our excursions.

Please note that the prices below are guide prices, but each tour links back to Barcelona Oculta’s website, where you can see more details about pricing and the route.
Discover Eduardo’s love and intimate knowledge of Barcelona in Barcelona: a magical city full of energy, symbols and hidden secrets

Barcelona Express Route

Ideal for those who have little time to get to know the city, this route includes getting to know the Roman and Medieval city, with an exterior visit to the Sagrada Familia, and the possibility of accessing it is offered.

See this Barcelona route full details and pricing.

Barcelona Travel Guide MERCADO DE LA BOQUERIA
Mercado de la Boquería

Gaudí and Modernism Route

An excursion through the icons of Barcelona, ​​Gaudí and Modernism, let us reveal the evident and hidden aspects of Gaudí’s works. During the tour, you will also understand more about how life was in Barcelona during Gaudí’s time.

Learn more about this Barcelona Guided Tour

Barcelona Oculta old town route
Modernist Route

Freemasonry and Templars Route

This route is for those who want to discover the deepest and most hidden secrets of Barcelona, ​​to be amazed by the legacy left to us by Freemasons and Templars in the city.

In the near future we also intend to offer new interesting routes that will reveal more hidden secrets of the city, places with unique and wonderful views, and secrets of underground Barcelona.

Discover more about this fascinating Barcelona Freemasons and Templars Route

Barcelona Oculta Masonic Templar Route
Masonic Templar Route

Old Town of Barcelona Route

A leisurely, deep tour with the history, mysteries and legends of the Gothic, Raval and Born districts. This route includes an extended visit around Barcelona’s old quarter.

Discover more about the Barcelona Old Town Route

Barcelona Oculta old town route
Barcelona Oculta old town route

Barcelona Bicycle Route

A route through the alternative corners of the conventional tourist routes, very complete, and you will enjoy both nature and the dynamic, contemporary aspect of Barcelona, along the way.

Check out more details about this Barcelona Bicycle Route

Barcelona Oculta Bicycle Route
Bicycle Route

Contact Eduardo (Response time 3 hours +-)


Phone: +34-679 444 961

Location: Barcelona, ​​Spain

Languages: Spanish, English, Russian

If you haven’t already it, don’t miss out on some of the secrets Eduardo shares in Barcelona: a magical city full of energy, symbols and hidden secrets

Barcelona Travel Guide museum of history
Catalonia museum of history

Gaudí Bellesguard House Barcelona tour

Bellesguard House, in Barcelona, is Gaudí’s most unknown jewel. Let Eduardo and his team explain its fascinating history to you. 

During this tour, you will also learn about hidden anecdotes about this place! 

This tour presents a great opportunity to get to know one of Barcelona’s unique places.

See this Barcelona route full details and pricing.

Bellesguard House tour Barcelona Oculta
Bellesguard House Barcelona


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