Sam Payne

Travel & Tourism Student

Hi, my name is Sam; I am 17-years-old now and am studying for a Level 3 diploma in Travel and Tourism.

I first travelled abroad at the age of 9 on my first foreign holiday with my family to Murcia in Spain. A few years went by having ‘stay-cations’ in the UK and I caught the travel bug in 2017 with two amazing trips during that year – the first to Sicily in Italy and the second to Madrid in Spain.

I follow several travel blogging agencies and websites like Lonely Planet and Beautiful Destinations which gave me some inspiration to visit places around the world. I know I am a ‘foodie’ and will sample new foods that interest me!

This year I visited Prague with my Grandma in May and am planning on visiting Murcia in Spain again in the summer, Berlin in Germany possibly in November and Amsterdam in The Netherlands next February – so a busy few months for me!

Anyway as a new writer for Jackie, I hope you find my first blog interesting and it entices you to visit Madrid.

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Jackie De Burca

Jackie De Burca is is a travel, arts and culture writer. The author of Salvador Dalí at Home, De Burca has spent much of her life in Spain since 2003. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, she is the creator of Travel Inspires: the authentic travel magazine by the people, for the people. She mentors aspiring writers around the world, who have the opportunity to showcase their work on Travel Inspires. De Burca feels an inspirational connection with the land in Spain, while maintaining her deeply rooted attachment to Irish landscapes, soil and of course, the Irish character.

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Sam Payne

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