Laura Lovette

Laura Lovette travel blogger

Laura is a travel and lifestyle blogger from Manchester. Her passion for travel inspired her to quit her full-time day job in favour of freelance work, enabling her to travel the world while working. She loves all forms of travel, from European city breaks to solo travelling around South East Asia. She is about to hit her goal of visiting … Read More

Hannah Fitzpatrick

Hannah Fitzpatrick travel writer (2)

Hannah is a freelance writer and blogger who has a deep passion for travel, mindful living and people. Originally from Upstate New York, she’s had the opportunity to live in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and most currently, Maryland. She recently crossed country number 16 off her bucket list and is always devising a plan to fulfill her perpetual wanderlust. When she’s … Read More

Candace Fykes

Candace Fykes

Candace hails from New Jersey, but has considered Spain her new home for around three years. She writes some great articles over on her blog, with a fresh perspective on expat life in Spain, injected with plenty of personality and humour. I think this excerpt gives a little flavour of Candace: “Her response stopped me in my tracks. And to … Read More

Todd Persaud

TEFL teacher by day, horror musical writer by night; Todd Persaud escaped the glamour and bright lights of New York City, in the pursuit of adventure, romance and some money to make it all possible. For safety during his foreign adventures, Todd equipped himself with a M.A. in Forensic Psychology, a B.A. in Criminology and a MA in Applied Sociology. … Read More

Lucina Ridgwell

Lucina is an avid traveller and photographer. She is the creator of Destined to Travel. Lucina, along with her partner, have been learning how to live the nomadic lifestyle, one step at a time, whilst seeking to learn from a variety of different cultures as they go along. She enjoys travelling the world, in order to learn from the different … Read More

Perri Johnson

Perri Johnson travel writer

Perri is the writer of Seeking the Spanish Sun travel blog. She moved from London to Madrid in early 2017 and has been travelling and exploring Spain. Perri came seeking the Spanish sun and all the beautiful things that go with it like sandy beaches, crystal clear sea, mountain views, delicious seafood and a slower pace of life. As she … Read More

Ellie Quinn

Ellie Quinn travel blogger

Ellie is a travel addict and travel blogger over at She believes that travel can be done in any form on a range of budgets, from a day trip around your local town to weekend City breaks to 1-2 week holidays to backpacking trips that last for months! Ellie loves visiting lesser known destinations and experiencing the local culture, … Read More

Ana De Jesus

Ana De-Jesus Triangle One Of My Favourite Murals Has Been Knocked Down By Construction Work

Ana is a Double Award Winning Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Freelance Journalist and Street Art Enthusiast with a passion for promoting social issues and campaigning for social equality. Ana starting off mainly blogging about fashion. However as she built momentum, her writing naturally began to take in subjects of great important not only to her, but to society in general. … Read More

Sam Payne

Hi, my name is Sam; I am 17-years-old now and am studying for a Level 3 diploma in Travel and Tourism. I first travelled abroad at the age of 9 on my first foreign holiday with my family to Murcia in Spain. A few years went by having ‘stay-cations’ in the UK and I caught the travel bug in 2017 … Read More

Jessica Buck

Jessica Buck travel blogger

I’m Jessica, a UK based travel blogger with a passion for discovering new destinations. I love nothing more than hopping on a plane for a short weekend city break, and seeing all the sights. I tick things off my bucket list every time I travel and am always planning my next adventure. So far I’ve visited 25 countries and won’t … Read More

Nicola Dunkinson

Nicola Dunkinson travel blogger (3)

Nicola is a travel and lifestyle blogger based in the UK. Her passions are road trips, surfing, outdoor adventures and family travel. Working part-time as a flight attendant allows Nicola to carry over her love for travel into her day job. Since having a baby she has continued to explore the globe with her mini adventurer in tow. Nicola has … Read More

Jessica Harding

Jessica Harding travel blogger bio photo

Jessica is a travel blogger from California, based in beautiful Barcelona. She loves to travel the world on a budget and explore different cultures through food, language, and learning about local traditions. Jessica is a full-time English teacher but travels whenever she has the chance – she has visited 26 countries so far! She has a passion for sharing her … Read More