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The Ultimate Dublin Food & Drink Guide

Containing a third of Ireland’s population, Dublin is a lively city packed with a rich art, music, and literary background. The friendly locals and bustling pub scene make the Irish capital an endearing spot where the people are great and the craic is even better. There are endless ways to spend your day along the River Liffey. Whether it’s exploring Trinity College, downing a pint of the black stuff at the Guinness Storehouse, or taking a stroll through St. Stephen’s Green, you’re sure to have a memorable time. Kerianne Vianden Travel Inspires WriterWith all the activities Dublin has to offer, you’ll want to make sure you have enough fuel to last the day. What better way to recharge your batteries than to pull up a chair at one of the city’s many eateries and grab a bite to eat! There’s a plethora of pubs, cafes, and restaurants, all serving up a variety of delicious meals to keep you happy all day. Order a cup of tea, or perhaps a pint of Guinness, and kick up your feet at one of these amazing Dublin food spots. My name is Kerianne Vianden and I love Dublin; having studied and lived there. I go back as often as I can between ticking other places off my long bucket list! As a self-proclaimed foodie, I really wanted to share some of my favourite places to eat in Dublin. But actually once I mentioned this to Jackie, we decided between us to call this the Ultimate Dublin Food and Drink Guide, as lots of bloggers and travellers are going to contribute. So be sure to bookmark this and come back to see more recommendations as this guide grows. I am a journalism graduate from Montclair State Universi.ty, and I am lucky enough to be a writer at Hotels4Teams. When not working, my main hobbies are travel and trying cuisine from all over the world

Dublin All Day Breakfast

The Pepper Pot Café
First things first, you’ll need to start your day off right with a mouth-watering meal before you begin your adventure around Dublin. A great place to head is The Pepper Pot, a quirky tea room serving the tastiest homemade treats made fresh every day. Dublin food guide Pepper Pot Cafe homemade sausage sandwich The best part? Three words: All. Day. Breakfast. That means 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can get a delicious bacon sandwich with roast pear and Montgomery cheddar. Or maybe you’re in the mood for avocado on seeded sourdough topped off with tomato salsa, feta cheese, chorizo, and spiced chickpeas. There’s plenty of add-ons to the menu items if you want to taste a bit of everything, like their black pudding or roasted potatoes with Chipotle mayo. If you’re having a slow start to your day, why not get a few Prosecco Frizzante mimosas? Perched on a beautiful balcony in the Georgian Powerscourt House, Pepper Pot is in the heart of Dublin city. On a sunny day, light beams will shine through the building, in case you didn’t get enough Vitamin D from the mimosas! Whether you want a hearty brunch or simply just tea and scones, Pepper Pot is a quaint Dublin cafe perfect for any morning.

Dublin Desserts That Shouldn’t Be Missed

Offbeat Donut Co.
This donut Mecca is a staple of Dublin City. The sweet smells wafting out of the glass doors of Offbeat Donut Co. will make anyone stop in their tracks to grab a treat. Offbeat donut company Dublin food and drink guide (2) This aren’t your average donuts. The bakers at Offbeat use unique recipes and ingredients to hand-craft these delectable treats fresh every day. If you have a sweet tooth, the Hazelnut Rocher donut is topped with a generous amount of Nutella with plenty of crushed hazelnuts. Inside you’ll find a surprise- a whole Ferrero Rocher. The Apple Crumble is stuffed with fresh apple pieces, with apple crumble on top and a dusting of iced sugar. You’ll surely get in your serving of fruit for the day! If you’re the type to stick with the classics, you can never go wrong their original glazed donut. It goes perfectly with an early morning coffee to start your day off right. No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely be satisfied by these monster-sized pastries. With locations at Georges Quay, Heuston Station, and Pearse Station, Offbeat is thankfully not off the beaten path. If you’re walking down the street and smell something amazing, look around, it might be Offbeat Donut Co.!
Bubble Waffle Factory
Located right in the city centre, Bubble Waffle Factory serves up one of the most indulgent desserts in Dublin. “Bubble” waffles have become a huge trend in the food scene and excites locals and tourists alike. The founder, who immigrated from Hong Kong, had a dream to bring his favourite dessert to Dublin in a creative and cheerful way. The bright yellow shop opened up in 2017 and has gained a loyal crowd since. Dublin food guide Bubble Factory There’s nine unique flavors on the menu catering to all taste buds. The Chocolate Dream is stuffed with Kinder Bueno, vanilla ice cream, and a heavy dosage of chocolate sauce, all inside a warm, freshly made waffle. The Nutty Crunchy features Nutella and a variety of nuts while the Berry Kiss is a great choice for people that love fruit in their ice cream. If you’re in Temple Bar, Bubble Waffle Factory should be on your bucket list.
Queen of Tarts
Nothing makes you feel as good as a fresh cup of tea and a homemade pastry. Queen of Tarts is an adorable tearoom that serves an abundance of sweet treats along with brunch and lunch options. Dublin foodie guide Queen of Tarts (2) If you’re feeling hungry, opt for one of their delicious sandwiches, featuring items like pulled Irish ham or their homemade chickpea and veggie burgers. If you just want a scone to go with your afternoon cappuccino, you can pick between raisin, blueberry, raspberry, or chocolate chip. Whether it’s savoury or sweet, Queen of Tarts will have the perfect option for you.

For Irish Food In Dublin

Fitzsimons Hotel
Located in Dublin’s famous Temple Bar, Fitzsimons Hotel doubles as a restaurant and bar that serves up some seriously delicious meals. Here you’ll find all of the classic Irish food you came to try, including fish and chips, stew, and of course, beef and Guinness casserole. The casserole features 100% Irish beef with fresh root vegetables and herbs. Get to Fitzsimons before 3 p.m., and you’ll be able to try a traditional Irish breakfast, complete with sausages, bacon, eggs, tomatoes, beans, and pudding. Now that’s a mouthful! beef and guinness stew fitzsimons You can wander among the five floors the venue boasts, enjoy the nightly music in the main bar, or take in the gorgeous views from the roof garden. When there’s a sunny day in Dublin, you have to take advantage of it.

Portuguese Food in Dublin

Yes, Nando’s is a chain you can find throughout Ireland and countries throughout the world. However, it’s definitely worth going again if you’ve already crossed off all your bullets on your food bucket list! This chain is loved among locals around the world, and for good reason- nothing beats Peri-Peri chicken with mashed potatoes and spicy rice. Don’t forget to grab a bottle of sauce or two to add to your meal, I highly recommend the Lemon and Herb Peri-Peri! Nandos Portuguese restaurants in Dublin If you’re lucky enough to visit this lively city, make the most of it by filling your days with both adventure and great food. You’ll find lots of it in Dublin! GUEST POST: This is a guest post by Kerianne Vianden, who loves travelling and trying cuisine from all over the world. Editorial Disclaimer: All guest posts are written by the author as indicated. The information contained within each guest post is correct to the best of our knowledge. In some instances the author may have received a free trip, meal or payment in some form. When this is the case, we will inform you at the end of the post. This author works for the organisation Hotels4Teams as a website writer.

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