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Top 5 Dating Destinations for Cycling in New York

By Faridun Mukhtorov

For when it is safe to travel again or for local explorers when allowed – updated August 2020

A manifestation of love is a personal matter. Some people are sure that presents, even small ones, are the signs of true love. Others believe that constant support and help is what defines deep affection to your partner. All this is true – for some of us.

There is one thing that unites all people who are in love – they seek genuinely authentic romantic time together. Well, the “romantic” part is rather easy to define. You share tenderness, both physical and mental, together with your partner. Spice this all up with a mesmerising atmosphere with dimmed light, candles, probably some wine or a cup of coffee and a dessert.

What about authenticity? Have you ever considered a romantic bike ride? You missed out a lot if you never explored an NYC bike map to organize a date. This is both funny and sweet. The heart of your lovely one will melt as the night is over.

romantic bike tours New York City

Here are our top 5 dating destinations for cycling in New York City

Choosing cycling as a first date, or for any date is a great idea indeed. That’s a way to stand out and make an impression. However, where will you ride?

Do you want to go on a Brooklyn bridge bike tour around NYC? Or you prefer to stay within the so-called borders of your neighbourhood? You know, just in case your date will get tired. There are so many things to consider!

Here is the secret. The foremost step is to think through the destination. Here are some bike ride date ideas to guide you:

1. Organise a Surprise-Romantic Dinner

Picnics are always a great idea. It’s so sweet to be a couple sitting in the middle of a park, surrounded by leafy trees, with some delicious food and drinks, isn’t it? We all have seen such scenes in movies and wanted to change places with the actors. Here is the chance.
Instead of inviting your date for a picnic, make it a surprise. Invite him/her for bike ride NYC citizens like so much. Choose the picnic spot as a destination and ride there. Don’t forget to prepare everything for a picnic on-site in advance.

New York cycling romaantic Central Park Guided Bike Tour

2. Go on a Bicycle Brewery Tour

Romance isn’t a synonym of teddy bears and pink roses anymore. There is no need to dress up in a fancy dress or a suit as well. In the twenty-first century, couples choose comfort and more down-to-earth locations. Romance is about the inner state.

If both you are your partner like brewers, why not making a bike tour? You can visit your most favourite spots. However, you can go for a brewery adventure and come by new spots. The choice is all yours!

Top Dating Destinations for Cycling in New York

3. Visit an Open-Air Event

New York is the city that never sleeps, right? What else do we know about it? You always have many events to choose from. Many of them are organized in open-air locations. So why not visit one of them?
To plan a romantic date of this kind, you need to choose the event and make a route. Look for a local band’s concert. There will be fewer people comparing to the performance of the world-recognized pop star. Therefore, it will be easier to enter with bikes. Sometimes, there is even no fence.

New York cycling dating destinations

4. Go on a Three-Course-Meal Tour

Who doesn’t like to eat? Street food is trending these days. It can be even more delicious and satisfying than a meal from a restaurant with a Michelin star (no offence for those who consider it the best). The best advantage of bikes is that you can visit remote places. Believe us, you will get hungry on the way.

The three-course-meal tour will take almost all day until you have a meal every hour. You can ride together, enjoy the streets, come by a cafe for some delicious food and continue. Complete all three meals. That would be a memorable experience.

Cycling in New York date destinations

5. Explore the Memory Lane by Bike

There many locations for romantic getaways in New York. But can they compare with the spots that mean something for both of you? They sure can’t. The memory lane is a sacred treasure of the best moments you had together. You will relive all of them one more time.
Just plan the route carefully. Otherwise, you risk wasting much time and energy. Don’t risk failing to complete the tour. It’s definitely worthwhile.

Fancy Apple Bikes in Central Park

Final Thoughts

New York and its 302.643 square miles are ideal for romantic bike rides. There are many things-to-do and places-to-visit. This type of date is simple but sweet. Moreover, you can be yourself. Your bike date outfit won’t take too much effort. Have you ever taken a ride around New York or outside? What were your best bike rides outside NYC?


This is a guest post by Faridun Mukhtorov.

About Faridun

Faridun is the current head of Fancy Apple, an entrepreneur who has been in the tourism industry for over 10 years and has a passion for sharing hidden gems with those that visit New York City. Having made multiple trips on a tight budget in his twenties, he managed to put together a pretty long list of tips for living in NYC with free and cheap things to do.

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