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COVID has had an impact on all aspects of life. After the pandemic hit, the travel ban was the first thing that was implemented by governments worldwide. People were strongly advised not to travel, and even if they did, they had to go through layers of security and health check-ups.

Travelling was one of the most basic and popular activities among people. They would travel freely without any wear whatsoever. But now, people are hesitant to travel because of the fear of COVID.

People are highly demotivated to travel, and thus, it is imperative to get them the motivation to make them travel. Thus, travel video marketing is crucial for the tourism industry post-COVID-19.

COVID-19 and the precautions that come with it are now the new normal, and everyone needs to accustom themselves accordingly soon.

Here are a few things to do if you want to have effective travel video marketing:

1. Motivate your audience with travel video marketing

Instead of pretending that everything is completely normal, try to make the pitch with a more realistic approach.
Motivate them with words that make them realize that you understand their COVID-related concerns.

Often use motivating words like, “you can do it”, “times are tough, but so are we!”, “travel with new normal”, “book now and travel later”, etc. These would develop their trust and confidence because they know that whatever you are saying is relevant to the situation.

Tell your audience that although COVID exists, they can still follow all the safety precautions and travel hassle-free, just like the old times.

travel videos for tourist industry

2. Vlog and attract

You can try making videos of different exotic locations. If possible, you can go ahead with the technical advancements and invest in technologies like 3D travel vlogs, VR travel vlogs, 360-degree videos, etc.

These technologies give a realistic approach as they can make the audience feel that they are at the current location without being there.

All these realistic vlogs are more effective than the normal vlogs and thus, tempt the viewers more. This also acts as a good motivation for the people to travel.

3. Connect online

Change your ways according to the new normal. Make the interactions online. As the pandemic forced people to abide by certain boundaries, they realized the importance of online communities.

The tourism industry was no exception. Online communities are super helpful as they are many real people who interact with each other and help each other overcome their fear. People understand that more people are undergoing the same stress and fear.

They also make people realize that they are not alone in this entire process. This is a good motivation for them to get started with their first travel plan post-Covid.

4. The story that brings out the glory

Indulge them emotionally with the help of stories.

There are always one or more stories related to different travel locations all around the world. Tell those stories to your audience. Stories can be made interesting by adding necessary elements like suspense, drama, etc.

This would motivate them to travel and feel those stories for themselves. Thus, stories and storytelling can be a massive motivation to people afraid and unmotivated to travel.

travel video marketing for tourist industry

5. Virtual tour of different locations

This can be done by filming the videos about that location and placing good sounds and effects. Moreover, this should show people how to help them get accustomed to the new normal.

To make your videos even better in quality, you can use the best online video editors like invideo. This is an online and free platform that helps you create professional-looking videos in minutes.

There are several tools that one might need for editing videos beautifully. This will bring more engagement from people.

They can watch and understand the real-time situation of their travel destination. This would reduce fear and increase motivation to travel.

6. Video content is the key

The new normal has shifted everything online. People spend way more time in front of the screen. So give them that information online.

Visuals always have more impact on people than words. Thus, video content brings more engagement. Videos are believed to create more impact than any other form of content. So, having a lot of related videos on your feed will attract more audiences.

They can experience normalcy through the screen. Videos bring not only engagement but also a sense of reliability. People trust you more.

7. Educate them about the new normal

One of the most important things is to educate people. Make them aware of the ways by which they can keep themselves safe even in such times.

Also, educate them about all the documents they might need when they wish to travel. Tell them about the restrictions implemented in different places.

Give them a fair idea of how they can easily adjust themselves to the new normal with the help of necessary precautions. Furthermore, go ahead and highlight the precautions.

This will make them believe that they are safe. This will also give them a hassle-free experience when they travel since they are already aware of the formalities needed before and during travel.


The tourism industry is heavily reliant on travel video marketing at the moment. This is a way for you to get habitual to the new normal.

There are several ways to make the videos more convincing. Some of the ways were discussed above. The only way to feel motivated is by connecting with them more realistically, giving them a fair idea about the situation, and understanding that they are not alone in this.

The only way to make people travel in such times is by terminating the fear, and the fear can only be terminated by motivation. To inspire, videos are extremely important.

Thus, it’s time to indulge in what is needed and give people a better glimpse of the new normal.








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Jackie De Burca is is a travel, arts and culture writer. The author of Salvador Dalí at Home, De Burca has spent much of her life in Spain since 2003. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, she is the creator of Travel Inspires: the authentic travel magazine by the people, for the people. She mentors aspiring writers around the world, who have the opportunity to showcase their work on Travel Inspires. De Burca feels an inspirational connection with the land in Spain, while maintaining her deeply rooted attachment to Irish landscapes, soil and of course, the Irish character.

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      Importance of travel video marketing for the tourism industry post COVID19

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