Galway IrelandIrelandGalway Sightseeing With Madeline Hixon (Video & Transcript)
Galway Sightseeing With Madeline Hixon (Video & Transcript)

Go sightseeing in Galway with the lovely Madeline Hixon. Madeline named this video, "Our Favourite City in Ireland." She and her friend love Galway and it shows.

I just love how natural Madeline is in front of the camera and her take on the Irish weather is hilarious ...but sadly correct.

Galway Sightseeing With Madeline Hixon Transcript

Welcome to the Galway Vlog.

Woo. This night we went out. It was super fun. We ended up finding a lot of live music and we also tried Supermacs for the first time, which is like Irish better McDonald's. But yeah, we are just exploring today.

So we are currently at Galway Bay. This is the beginning of the long walk, which is basically just a long haul along the Corrib river. I don't know if I'm saying that right, but it's a tributary to the IRC slash igloo antic ocean. It'll be fun.

Shelby just informed me that this is one of the fastest moving rivers in Europe, but it's also the shortest. We really want to get on the other side and it's written in your region.

That's another thing we noticed about Ireland. You can always see where it's raining even though it's not raining where you are and then when it's raining where you are, you can always see where it's sunny. It's weird.

is the can now walk. Highly recommend this one. I think it's actually prettier than the long walk and it's longer than

Speaker 1: there is lady thedral. We're just walking over it. The French to it.

Speaker 2: Bye. Yeah.

So according to Pixie actually built the cathedral in 1963 but the it of it started in 1831 so I took over a hundred years to actually build, which is pretty crazy but makes sense for you guys. It's so granted

that's where I should've gone to call it

 the bed.

So this is the liquor store. You have to find somewhere that is off license cause
that's the only places that can sell you liquor to bring home with you. Every other place like a pub
or restaurant has a regular liquor license. But there are few and far between. So find a good spot if
you do one to three days a little bit.

Speaker 1: I, my camera battery is dying. Shelby, now you just got to 10 year old bottles
of Prosecco and I'm gonna get some drone footage and go back to the hospital to plan out. It's
definitely a lot prettier of a walk on this side. So recommend for sure that you go and ms side, can
you see more of the boats but super beautiful. They look, oh wait guys.

Speaker 2:

Speaker 1: guys, it's terrible. It's like snowing slash. Hailing. Again, this is the weirdest weather ever. I'm never going to not be surprised by this bucket. Hat rocks. I highly recommend. So we're teaching copper because the handle is actually kind of painful. It's like not hailing any more right here, but over there behind me it's fully hailing. You literally just have to wait somewhere for two minutes and then the weather changes

Speaker 2: that. Stop me

Speaker 1: again. Look at this. Can you see it bouncing off It's like cuts your skin. So guys, this hostel, it's called sleep zone. We really, really love it.

: have you luggage this place as an elevator

Speaker 2:

Speaker 1: so we had these two feds by the door, which kind of sucks. There's no plugs near ours, so
we just have to charge everything. Like when we'd go downstairs to the common room and plan stuff.
But the other beds do have chargers, just one there and there. This is a six person dorm. It's
pretty nice. It's really clean. Also, a really cool feature that I love about this last one is each
room has its own bathrooms there. There's a sink, toilet, shower. Just really nice to not have to
leave your room to go to one big shower place.

Speaker 2:

Speaker 1: and this is the common room

Speaker 3: that, that, that, that,

Speaker 2: okay,

Speaker 1: so I'm a little nervous of blogs or new friends with us for dinner, but we're finally
going to have fish and chips. I'm so freaking excited. And this is supposedly the best fish and
chips in Galway, Huh

Speaker 2:

Speaker 1: he's walking away from me because she's embarrassed that I'm blogging. I'm
proud of her new friend. But the food was really, really good while definitely top five fish
and chips that I've ever had. I highly recommend they're laughing at me. Super Rude. Has Way
too much food. Don't order a large fry. Even between two people. It's literally impossible. But we
have extra fries for later. At one. We're drunk, so can't be really mad. You know,

Speaker 4: tourist,

Speaker 2: yes. This

Speaker 4: is our supermax review. Um, it's apparently the better Irish version of We got a Subaru Rag
Burger and we got chicken tenders and fries, so we'll compare it to drunk. I just said, fast fashion
going to be like this, and it looks like That's a nice tender. Yeah.

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      Galway Sightseeing With Madeline Hixon (Video & Transcript)

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