Galway IrelandIreland24 Hours In Galway Quick Tips & Travel Ideas (Video & Text)
24 hours in Galway...or more

Here are some great insider tips for spending 24 hours in Galway, or more time.

Personally I think the city and the county deserves a good few days, but if you read some of my other articles you'll see that I am in love with Galway.

Anyhow, I also love some of these tips as well. Plus even though it may have seemed surprising to Lito Diaz, some of us Irish are really that friendly and spontaneous.

24 Hours In Galway Quick Tips & Travel Ideas Video Transcript
How to get from Galway Airport 

I'm going to show you how to get from the airport to Galway and how to go to the cliffs of more and a little bit of information and from Shannon Airport to Galway. The best and cheapest route is on the bus. Once you get out of the airport, there are these ticket booths that are really easy to use. Your touchscreen, you put your debit card in and it accepts your  USA visas and mastercards.

You select one way and you put, you know that you want to go to Galway and it's 16 year olds one way and it's going to drop you off at the Galway bus station, which is, this is the mopper Galway and this is where it's going to drop you off right here. This is where everything is happening anyway. So it kind of drops you off right in the city centre.

If you haven't found a hostel yet, you could literally walk down this street. We just call it high street or Quay Street (which is the correct name). And there's plenty of hostels all around. This area takes about an hour and 30 minutes, (90 minutes) to walk around.

Um, and well the good thing about this website, um, get there. Dot. I E and you all are the parts of times or when you click it, it tells you the itinerary of um, of that bouts bus route. So I did participate 55 drops off and blah, blah, blah, blah. And then you know, this one takes an hour and 50 minutes on the way back. Get again, just do the same thing from Galway bus station to type it in Shannon airport and it gives you all the times I left at the first one, seven oh five in the morning, make sure that you have cash.

It's only 10 euros to actually go back 16 year olds to leave the airport and 10 olds to get back to the airport. If you want to get a ticket, you have to wait until nine o'clock when the bus station opens. So if you have
about 10 year olds cash, you should be good. One of my tips is that don't spend money on a, a tour guide. Um, it's such a small city that you could literally walk around and see everything in a day or two if you weren't really, you
know, spread it out. But, uh, the people are so nice you can ask like, like for instance, check this guy out who um, I ran to near the Spanish arch.

Hello Ladies and gentleman and welcome to the Cladagh. This is in county Galway. Go. We say sing. It's a Claddagh ring. You wear it as a heart and it has two hands and you wear it. point of the heart is pointing down the
weight. You're single and you're free. So

That guy, I literally just ran into him just walking and I was taking pictures and he just started talking to me and he asked me if I kind of knew the area and you just gave me all that information in that place that he's
talking about. Dillon's jewellers. I'll put the link of the website also in the description. If you wanna check out their products and how cool would it be to get, you know, a or ring from the original in the oldest jewelers in Ireland,
which happens to be in Garvey. I'll be fricking awesome. A key street which is right right here, all area has um, everything you need really from restaurants, bars and shopping. Um, it's a very, it's a very lively city, so every
couple of feet literally you'll see live performances, music of no one's really begging you for money. They're actually performing

You want to check out Taft's bar. Um, there's really good food there. I I went in, um, I had lunch in, I had a couple of pints. It's actually where I met my buddy, uh, party Marty, the cliffs of more couple of ways to
get there. And number one, you could book a tour. It's about an hour and 30 minutes away from Galway. There is plenty of a tourist offices and the average price is 20 euros. If you are taking your own car or definitely recommend stopping in the town of Doolan and stopping at O'Connor's pub having a pint in Guinness, they're taking in all the views and having some lunch there. The Guinness too was great. So if you're in Galway and you want to take your own car, it's about an hour and a half drive. Definitely stopped them dueling. And if you want to just take a tour and not worry about all that, they'll take you up in a bus for 20 euros per person.

And my number one tip is to have a Guinness from the best bar in Galway wards. Um, it's off of salt hill road called wards hotel. It's actually, um, it's a little hotel but it has a bar. There's something really special
about this place and it's how they serve their Guinness. They serve it on a quality glass, but a quality glass is basically like a seasoned glass. They don't clean it all the way. They don't clean it with soap. It's basically rinse
with really hot water and it's only used for getting it. If you go in there and you say, Hey, let me get a pint of Guinness, they're not going to give you an account and you have to specifically ask for a cloudy. My host, his daughter
was like, Hey, wait a second, you're drinking a Guinness. Not in a cloudy. You're not even drinking a goodness yet.

It literally looks cloudy like it's unclean. I'm telling you, it made the beer taste so much better. After each sip. You could see a ring around the glass all the way down. Coolest things that I experienced in, uh, in
Ireland was having a proper Guinness and a cloudy glass told us to do my quick tips for a quick trip to Galway, Ireland, uh, the places. Beautiful. Definitely worth it. Do you have any questions Ask me down below. I'll do my best to answer them. Um, subscribe. Hit like if you liked the video and follow us on Instagram at quick trips and tips. If you want to also check out my actual trip video, um, it'll be in the description down below. Check it out and it will show you more of everything I did from, you know, walking around the city and, um, going to the cliffs of more and all that. So, uh, again, thank you for watching and have a great day.

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      24 Hours In Galway Quick Tips & Travel Ideas (Video & Text)

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