Best 5 Queer Books

Best 5 Queer Books to Read While on Your Next Vacation

We all desire books that will take us by surprise and allow us to temporarily disengage from reality while choosing the ideal reading material. Here are just a few of our favourite novels that explore themes that have had a significant impact on LGBTQ communities, have LGBTQ characters and narratives, or were written by LGBTQ authors. Here are the best 5 queer books to read on holiday! You can find these titles and many more at your local Pride Store or online.

1. The One Woman by Laura Ma

the-one-woman-laura-mayNew LGBT romance novel The One Woman by Laura May author. Julie’s life and her relationship with Mark are ordinary in every way, until Ann shows up. Web developer Ann is sweet and intriguing. There is no denying Julie’s feelings for Ann.

There is a real spark created in Barcelona when their past and present collide. Julie will have to choose between Mark’s devotion and Ann’s love when disaster happens. Can long distance real love endure? Find out the answer in Laura May’s book.

2. Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera(1)Cunt Juliet Milagros Palante author Inga Muscio is departing from the Bronx and travelling to Portland, Oregon. Her mother may never speak to her again because she recently came out to her family. However, Juliet has a plan—sort of—that will enable her to make sense of the whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” issue. She is working as an intern for Harlowe Brisbane, the foremost expert on feminism, women’s bodies, and other gay-sounding topics, who also happens to be the author of her favourite book.

Will Juliet be able to make sense of her life over one special summer? Or is she evading all the issues that appear to be too huge for her to handle? Juliet confronts Portland, Harlowe, and most importantly, herself, with more questions than answers.

3. Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo Okparanta

Under the Udala Trees by Chinelo OkparantaIjeoma reaches adulthood at the same time as her country; she was eleven when civil war erupts in the emerging Nigerian republic because she was born before independence. She is sent away for safety, meets another orphan, and the two fall in love after being star-crossed.

They come from several ethnic groups. They are both female as well. Ijeoma realizes that she would have to conceal this aspect of herself when their love is found out. However, maintaining a lie costs a lot.

In a same way that Edwidge Danticat has made the legacy of Haiti’s political upbringing personal, Okparanta examines Nigerians’ ongoing battle for independence in Under the Udala Trees by focusing on one woman’s lifetime.

4. Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

Detransition, Baby by Torrey PetersReese was in a loving relationship with Amy, lived in a New York City apartment, and had a job she enjoyed. She had evened out what trans women in earlier decades could only hope for: a life of ordinary, bourgeois comforts. A child was the lone thing that was absent. All of that changed, however, when her partner Amy de-transitioned and became into Ames. Reese is currently stuck in a terrible cycle where she sleeps with married men to deal with her loneliness.

Ames is also unsatisfied. His decision to live as a man instead of a woman was designed to make his life easier, but it ended up costing him his connection with Reese, and losing her meant losing his own family.

He yearns to get back to her despite the fact that their romance is gone. Ames wonders whether this is the opportunity he has been waiting for when his lover and boss, Katrina, discloses that she is expecting his child but isn’t sure if she wants to keep it. Could the three of them create a non-traditional family and raise the child as a unit?

5. I’m the Girl by Courtney Summers

I'm the Girl by Courtney SummersGeorgia Avis, 16, wants nothing more than everything, but the hardship and poverty that characterize her life have prevented her from receiving the gorgeous and exceptional things she feels she deserves. In order to discover the killer before he kills again, Georgia hooks up with Ashley James’ older sister Nora.

Through their investigation, Georgia is introduced to a glittering world of unfathomable power and wealth—everything she has ever dreamed of. Every fantasy, however, has a nightmare hiding in the background, and Georgia must balance her heart’s aspirations with what it actually takes to survive.

Georgia and Nora will learn that when money, power, and beauty rule, it’s not necessarily a matter of who is guilty but who is guiltiest—and the only thing that can save them is each other. As Ashley’s killer closes in and their love for one another deepen.

Lucy Sanders is a travel writer and editor. She has been a ghostwriter on a major travel website for years. Now she lives in Jacksonville, FL with her partner and a lovely boxer puppy, Samson. Lucy loves writing on LGBTQ topics and roam the world.

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