Begur biodiversity Ses Negres

Begur Biodiversity Ses Negres

Begur Biodiversity Ses Negres

25 years ago, on March 3, 1993 *, the Catalan administration decided to protect the marine area of the coast of Begur between Cap Negre and El Pa de Pessic, an area known as Ses Negres, with a clear objective, to reduce the impact of human pressure on ecosystems and marine biodiversity, especially with the massive influx of tourism.

The Ses Negres Marine Reserve is an area very rich in fauna and flora, a preferred breeding area for a large number of species. Its protection allows biodiversity to be preserved, adjacent areas to be repopulated, artisanal fishing in the area to benefit and a space to carry out scientific and technical studies on marine ecosystems.

The protected area goes from the coastline up to 30 meters deep, with an approximate average of about 20 meters. It is a good example of the rocky systems of the Catalan coast and, in addition, it contains representation of the three habitats of fishing interest: marine phanerógamas, coralligenas and, to a lesser extent, calcareous natural waste funds.

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