Inspiring Prague

Despite its relatively small size, the Czech capital of Prague is jam-packed with magnificent sights, each endowed with a long and varied history. To make the most of your visit there, make sure to include these 10 attractions in your itinerary.
Vltava River
The Vltava River cuts across Prague’s centre. Jump aboard one of the many tour boats and take in the wonderful sights on both sides of the river while sipping a delicious Czech beer.
Charles Bridge
600 years old, Charles Bridge is one of Prague’s most iconic landmarks. Beautifully decorated with rows of 30 baroque-style statues, it’s a perfect spot for a romantic stroll.
Old Town Square
The Old Town Square in Prague offers a charmingly eclectic mix of architectural styles spanning several centuries – undoubtedly one of Europe’s most beautiful sights.
Discover Czech Beer
True to its reputation, Czech beer is delicious. A newcomer might be confused by the beer’s alcohol content, however. Don’t worry, the numbers given to the beers don’t indicate their alcohol percentage. They refer to the alcohol degree, which is a much more complicated factor. As a rule of thumb, 10 and 12 degrees, the most common, are equivalent to roughly 4% and 5% respectively. Some beers go all the way up to 19 degrees – that’s 8% alcohol!
Try a Czech Hot Dog
Believe it or not, one of Prague’s culinary highlights are its hot dogs. Infinitely superior to their American counterparts, these delicious sausages stuffed in French baguettes offer the best cheap lunch in town. Stalls are peppered throughout the city, just take your pick!

3 thoughts on “Inspiring Prague”

  1. Our visit was in winter with the markets on .Very pleasant people in a very beautiful city .Resteraunts and bars very clean with a good standard. Would recomend anyone looking for some culture to visit.

  2. We absolutely loved Prague. Wonderful architecture, great restaurants, freindly people. The subway and tram system was very efficient and made getting around easy. I would recommend buying a three day pass so you don\’t have to bother buying tickets constantly.

  3. Traveled to Prague from Plzen. Prague is a large city with most of the action within walking distance of the main area (the centrum). Most tourist attractions are closed on Mon and Tues. Do your shopping on those days. Prices are still fairly low for food and drink. The locals say if the menu is printed in english be prepared to pay too much. Best buys are away from the main square. The main square is costly due to many foreign owners of the shops. The public transportation system is excellent for going any where in the city. All maps the I used listed the routes. Hotels are expensive compared to the states, but they do include breakfast.

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