Graham Custance

Graham Custance

Travel Photographer & Blogger

I never really appreciated the beauty of nature until I became a photographer, but now I notice it everywhere. I was born a few miles away in Luton, but have been living in the Chilterns since 1991: an area that is both my home and my muse.

Through my work I try and bring this beauty to the eyes of others, hopefully inspiring them to get out in the Chilterns and appreciate what a beautifully stunning area it is.

Through studying the work of other photographers who have inspired me, I have tried to develop a unique style of my own. An approach that helps me connect with each location I visit and photograph.

I love soft pastel colours, subdued light, sunsets, dramatic skies and unique angles to give a different perspective to the viewer.

Favourite time of day: My favourite time of the day is always sunrise, when the air is fresh and clean, the birds are singing and I am at one with nature.

Motto: My favourite motto is ‘the camera looks both ways’ meaning that my pictures are a reflection of my own thoughts and how I am feeling in that moment.




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