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Denia is situated in a prime location right at the northern edge of Alicante province. This beautiful city enjoys both the warm Mediterranean Sea as well as the impressive mountains within the Montgo Natural Park. It is the ideal place to visit if you are looking for somewhere tranquil to explore nature, relax on the beach and savour the slower pace of Spanish life.

Denia Spain Oliva Windsurfing Costa Blanca Spain

From the ruined castle overlooking the town to the historical streets and plazas to the elegant promenade of the marina, Denia has a number of pleasant spots for a leisurely stroll. It also boasts nearly 20 kilometres of soft golden sand beaches and rocky coastlines.

Denia Spain Port with Castle On Hill and Boats

What to Do in Denia

What is there to do in this lovely Costa Blanca destination? You can start by walking up to the 16th century castle that overlooks the town. For a small entrance fee you can walk through this beautiful historic building and even climb up its ancient walls to enjoy the view. At the castle you will find the Museum of Archaeology which contains a fascinating array of pottery, coins, human remains and other artefacts dating back to 200 BC that have been found in the area around Denia.

Denia Spain Costa Blanca Views From The Castle

After walking around the castle, you can also take a stroll through the historic town, which still retains some of its old charm despite the appearance of a few tourist apartments. One of the nicest areas to walk around is the old fisherman neighbourhood of Baix la Mar and Les Roques (with cobbled streets and whitewashed buildings) or the main street. You can also enjoy the view from the Tower of Gerro, built as a look-out post during the 17th century to protect the area from pirates.

Denia Spain Belltower View From Denia Castle Costa Blanca

Denia also boasts a toy museum as well as a food market where you will find a great selection of fresh produce and seafood from local farmers and fisherman. If you like to get outside in the great outdoors and immerse yourself in nature, you can enjoy the many excellent hiking trails that will take you through the Montgo Natural Park.

Denia Spain Montgo Mountain Denia Javea Spain

If you visit during the first two weeks of the month of July, the town of Denia will be having their annual Bull Run, known as the “Toros a la Mar”. This traditional festival involves running the bulls all the way up to the water’s edge at the beach and there will be two runs per day, in the morning and in the afternoon.

Denia Spain Las Marinas Beach At Sunset Punta Molins at Alicante

One of the great things about Denia is that you can set the pace for your holiday. If you want to have an action packed getaway here there are enough activities to keep you busy day and night. However, if you want to simply sip cocktails by the sea and just let your stresses melt away, that’s fine too.

You can set the pace of your holiday as slowly as you like, because part of the charm of Denia is simply being here, eating, drinking, chatting, enjoying the atmosphere and letting the Spanish sunshine warm your bones.


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