Galway city pubs and street at night

A Canadian’s Guide To Where And What To Drink In Galway

On December 28th, 2019 I took the long 6.5-hour flight over from Toronto, Canada to visit one of the most raved about destinations in Ireland; Galway. I was aware of the historic aspect of County Galway but was more interested in the culture, music, locals, food, etc. Galway has a population of 79,934 people and hosts 13 music festivals, has 475 pubs and hundreds of restaurants I had my work cut out for me to experience all I could.

My journey began when my boyfriend and I decided to make the move back to Ireland and to stay in Galway. Him being a Monaghan native and myself from Canada, it was a new and exciting experience for both of us to get to know Galway and all it has to offer.