If you run events regularly you may be using Eventbrite, which is undoubtedly one of the world's largest event technology platforms. The Eventbrite technology lets you post your events onto the system, sell tickets, manage registrations and track sales.

When your event is free, then you don't even have to pay anything to be on Eventbrite. The platform's business model works on charging its users a percentage of ticket sales, within the booking fee. It is up to the event organiser if they pass on this fee to their attendees, as highlighted in the Eventbrite notification below. If you're an Eventbrite customer, you may have received this by email to warn you about these Service Fee increases.

alternatives to eventbrite price increase

Alternatives to Eventbrite 

There are a number of alternatives to Eventbrite. Here we will introduce you to one that has the potential to save you lots of money.

Worldwide Events

Our new alternative to Eventbrite, the Travel Inspires Worldwide Events platform, is an exciting option if you wish to not only promote and sell your events successfully, but to do so in a destination rich environment.

Worldwide Events charges a one off annual fee of €330.00 and apart from that you absorb the payment costs of the payment gateway.

We can transition your events just as they are on Eventbrite and you can stay on Eventbrite and use our platform as a second method of promoting and selling tickets to your events, or of course as an alternative once you feel confident to do so.

We are currently in Beta, so that is the reason for the inexpensive payment option. Additionally as Travel Inspires is not purely an event management platform, our business model includes other revenue streams.

However we will hold this for customers who join us and pay before 15th June 2019.

Our unique selling point is not only price but also the potential reach and promotion of our customers' events.

Here are a few examples.

Whats on in Ronda

eventbrite alternatives whats on in ronda no. 6

In the above example, Travel Inspires ranks in position 6 for the term: Whats on in Ronda - sitting just under TripAdvisor and two positions above Lonely Planet.

The next example, Whats on in Galway May - Travel Inspires is in position 4, just under Eventbrite.

alternative to eventbrite Travel Inspires Worldwide Events

As the name indicates the platform will facilitate worldwide events, but as we grow Travel Inspires, each location will have at least one, if not more destination guides, which will of course be linked to the forthcoming events.

For more information email:

Here you can download the introduction to this alternative to Eventbrite

alternatives to eventbrite

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Jackie De Burca

Jackie De Burca is is a travel, arts and culture writer. The author of Salvador Dalí at Home, De Burca has spent much of her life in Spain since 2003. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, she is the creator of Travel Inspires: the authentic travel magazine by the people, for the people. She mentors aspiring writers around the world, who have the opportunity to showcase their work on Travel Inspires. De Burca feels an inspirational connection with the land in Spain, while maintaining her deeply rooted attachment to Irish landscapes, soil and of course, the Irish character.

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  • Sara Sandeep

    December 16, 2019 at 2:22 pm

    Eventdex is one of the best alternatives to Eventbrite. Eventdex is all-in-one event management solution that even offers business matchmaking and onsite lead retrieval for exhibitors, apart from the features you have listed here. Moreover, our pricing is extremely competitive – we charge less than half the cost of most other solutions. Do check us out if you have a minute:


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Alternatives to Eventbrite

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