Hotel Booking Tips: How To Score The Best Deals And Amenities

Finding the right accommodations for a family vacation can be cumbersome and time-consuming. However, if you look into the right booking platforms, you can easily find the right deal, one that offers a room with good comforts but at a reasonable price.

Top Tips on How to Find the Best Hotel Deals For A Comfortable Stay At Low Cost

Deals offered by hotels come at certain times of the year or through certain programs. There are many ways to cut down on accommodation expenses so that you have more money to spend at the destination with your family. Here is a look at some important tips on how to find the best “hotels near me” when you travel.

Hotel Booking Tips for the best deals

12 Top Hotel Booking Tips

1. One of the best ways to get reduced rates on hotel bookings is to buy someone else’s reservations. There are many people who book a room but, for some reason, are unable to make the trip. They can’t cancel the reservation but are ready to sell it. Such purchases come with almost 74 percent discounts, which is a huge cut in booking expenses. You can easily find a fabulous room with luxury facilities and a majestic view from the balcony at much-reduced rates.

2. The most obvious but least used way to get reduced rates on hotel rooms is by booking early. Many trips are often thought of at the last minute, so looking for discount hotel deals given right before the day of the trip is most likely to be picked up. However, for a well-planned trip, early room bookings can bring considerable savings on a family vacation.

3. Coupons can be a very good means of getting a nice discount. You won’t find hotels giving coupons often, but if you were to search carefully, you could find some very good ones for third-party booking sites. These coupons give a good reduction in room rates and can cut down on expenses when booking a room for a vacation with the family.

4. Check out hotel loyalty programmes at and They offer a chance to get a free room for a day, so if you are booking a room through either of these sites for a period of five nights, one night is free! This can work out when you make multiple bookings over a couple of months. You can also find coupons for food and beverages, which can work best when travelling with a companion or family. It is also possible to get access to VIP experiences and special perks.

Hotel Booking Tips for good deals

5. If you are a member of your local Warehouse Club, check out their travel site. Here you can find many deals on hotels as well as low-cost vacation packages. When travelling for two, three, or five-day trips, the deals here can really help cut down on costs, which helps you enjoy more while vacationing. Another way to cut costs is by booking rooms any day between Sunday and Thursday because these days are less busy and hotels are ready to bring down rates during this period.

6. How about considering inclusive deals, where you get discounts or freebies on parking, internet, breakfast, etc.? In such deals, the room rate might be slightly discounted, but by opting for a deal with free breakfast, you can save a lot for a four-day stay with your family. You can also cut costs by checking out your credit card deals. Many credit card companies give discounts like 10 percent, etc., to their members on hotel room rentals.

7. Try booking directly at the hotel in the destination by making a phone call. Such bookings can have a much lower rate when done through a hotel booking site. Such sites are paid by hotels to have them listed for bookings, so when you rent a room using them, the charges are higher than what is paid for a direct booking with the hotel. You might also get free breakfast and even a room upgrade!

8. You can also use credit card airline miles to get discounts on hotels. Many people are not aware of this and just use them to cut down on ticket costs when flying. However, if you check carefully with the credit card company, you will find there is a way to reduce hotel booking rates through airline miles, and you will be surprised that you can save a lot here. Look for a refundable room or hotel with a free cancellation policy so that if you happen to get a room with even lower rates than what you booked, you can easily cancel and book the best low-rate hotel room.

9. Check rates based on the kind of facilities offered in a hotel. If you don’t mind a very low-cost stay for a couple of days, you can surely get a room for a really cheap price, but of course, this comes with having to share a bathroom or a bed. Otherwise, you get a single room but with add-ons that you feel are necessary to be comfortable, like housekeeping, in-room TV, internet, etc.

Hotel Booking Tips for best deals

10. When checking into your hotel, try doing it at a later time of the day because when a hotel has given most of its rooms to guests, its staff will do a good check on available vacancies. At this point, you can get a lower rate for your booked room, or you can even get it upgraded for free.

11. How about getting a service apartment by carefully searching for the best deal on an available one in the destination instead of opting for a hotel room? These apartments are well-equipped with the latest guest facilities and also come with a kitchen, so you can do your own cooking instead of eating out. You can save on food expenses, and by using coupons, the rates can be slashed further.

12. There are many who have gotten good discounts on hotel room rates through last-minute deals. However, this is not the only means of cutting expenses on hotel bookings. Look into booking on arrival at the hotel, which may seem a little risky but will definitely help you negotiate a deal that is good and through which you get a pleasant room with preferred facilities. Here you get into the hotel, check it out a bit, and even see the room interior and facilities before booking it.

By following such tips on how to find the best “hotels near me”, you can find accommodation that is spacious, has the best features, and offers free breakfast, all at a low cost that can help enormously with savings. The best hotel deals are always available, but you have to be keen to catch them as they open up to avail discounts, offers, and freebies that can make your stay more comfortable and memorable.

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