Best things to do in Mauritius on your honeymoon

10 best things to do in Mauritius on your honeymoon

By Siddhi of PickYourTrail

Unless you believe the only thing that will make you visit Mauritius is its stunning beaches then you might be wrong. Mauritius offers so much more to see and explore than just beaches. You can tour the Bois Cheri Tea Plantations which will take you on a beautiful trail. In terms of street dining, Mauritius has lots to offer to food lovers, that you’ll absolutely fall in love with the place.

When you’re in Mauritius, you must visit Chamarel, whose beauty will leave you stunned. While travelling to Chamarel, you will even encounter several magnificent waterfalls and gorges. Although in Mauritius you can find plenty of things to do, your tour is not complete without tasting the world’s finest rums and cocktails. I hope this gave you an idea of what’s in store at Mauritius.

Now go ahead and find out the best things you can do as a couple on your Mauritius honeymoon.
1. Visit Le Morne Brabant

honeymoon in Mauritius Le Morne BrabantImage: Wikimedia

Mauritius ‘s Le Morne mountain is the best honeymoon destination for couples wanting some quiet time away from the busy shores. This rugged mountain range is situated in the southernmost part of the main island and occupies an area of over 12 hectares. The most romantic sight to behold is the view from the mountaintop.

2. Bathe In Chamarel Waterfall

Romantic time at the Chamarel WaterfallImage by wurliburli from Pixabay

St Denis River forms the majestic Chamarel Waterfall, also known as the Mauritius Natural Pool. It’s a sight pleasing to the eyes, set at a height of 100 metres, which will certainly leave you mesmerized. Close up, it may be hard to see the waterfall because it is surrounded by thick trees and canyons but you can take photos of the magnificent falls from a few meters. Couples will enjoy a romantic experience by going down to the shallow pool at the bottom of the Chamarel waterfalls with surrounding lush greenery. It is pure bliss to take a dip here.

3. Spend A Day At The Coloured Earth Of Chamarel

Visit the colored earth of Chamarel on your honeymoonImage by SeverS74 from Pixabay

Until the last few years, Mauritius had a few active volcanoes. One such unusual natural phenomenon is the Seven Colored Earth, resulting in rainbow-coloured dunes throughout the Riviere Noire District’s Chamarel Plain. Within this type, red, yellow, brown, green, blue, purple and violet are the seven distinct colours. Spread over 7500 square metres, this location is one of Mauritius most emblematic attractions

4. Grand Bassin Lake

Sacred place in Mauritius, Grand BassinImage Credits: Wikimedia

The Grand Bassin Lake, also known as Ganga Talao as it is said to be linked to India’s Ganga River, is located within the beautiful mountains of the south. This lake is one of the island’s most celebrated attractions. The gargantuan sculptures of Lord Shiva, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Durga are adjacent to Grand Bassin. Tranquillity encompasses the region. This should be on your list of places to visit, whether religious or not.

5. Stroll Around The Capital City

Visit the city of Port Louis during your honeymoonImage credit: Wikimedia

Port Louis, Mauritius’ capital city located on the west coast in the Black River region, is a culturally exciting and historically rich location. The city has outstanding things to see and is well known for its French architecture and wonderful museums such as the Blue Penny Museum and the Mauritius Postal Museum.

6. Enjoy Horse Riding With Your Loved One

Go Horse Riding in MauritiusImage credit: Flickr

In Mauritius, the extensive landscapes, truly stunning mountain range and wonderful islets have made horse riding expeditions a popular thing among travellers. With the South African horses, you can go on the best riding excursions at the Domaine de L’Etoile. At L’Etoile, professional riders manage all the rides. In the countryside, you will spend a wonderful day engaged in lots of outdoor activities and enjoy an intimate candlelit dinner with your partner.

7. Take Up Kayaking

Kayaking in Mauritius on your honeymoonPhoto by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Kayaking is a great activity to take on as a couple of honeymoons who are looking for some adventure and especially if the surrounding area is as striking and fascinating as Ile d’Ambre. What else can one ask for? D’ambre is the most popular islet in the country, with beaches of white sand, sparkling blue water and exotic sea life. Afraid of water? Do not worry, as all operations are carried out under expert supervision. Get, set, Adrenaline rush!

8. Swim With The Dolphins

Swimming with dolphins in MauritiusPhoto by Matteo Catanese on Unsplash

Exploring the tranquil waters of Tamarin Bay will be an experience that almost all will boast about. Swimming nearly 2 hours alongside dolphins and whales is a surprising experience. This has become possible due to the massive dolphin school which has made the west coast its natural habitat.

9. Dive Into The Turquoise Blue Water

Dive into the blue waters of MauritiusPhoto by Dan DY on Unsplash

Which one is the best diving zone in the Indian Ocean? It is Mauritius, you guessed it right. The region ‘s vast coastal region provides many diving opportunities for visitors and plenty of fun activities for diving fanatics to try besides swimming with whales and dolphins.

10. Take A Walk Among Fishes

Explore marine life in Mauritius on your honeymoonPhoto by Jeremy Wermeille on Unsplash

In Mauritius, the underwater walk is considered to be the most enjoyable sport. It is a one which can be felt in the Grand Bay in a lifetime. Because of its shallow and clear waters, the area is suitable for such activities. Throughout the underwater walk, you will admire the beautiful fauna and coral reefs.

So get ready to pack your bags to enjoy a beautiful honeymoon in Mauritius. Mauritius is also one of the top honeymoon destinations so it’s never too early to start planning your vacation! Craft your customized itinerary online on Pickyourtrail or you can choose from their Mauritius Honeymoon packages.

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This is a guest post by Siddhi who works for PickYourTrail.

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