Place: Gheng Da Nang Vietnam
Artist: Robert Bociaga
Bring This Place Home: Discover How

What makes Gheng Da Nang special?

  •  One of the best beaches in Da nang
  •  A hidden gem in Son Tra
  •  For diving lovers
  •  For an amazing experience
  •  A great place for backpackers
Located on the Son Tra Peninsula, Ghenh Bang has not been popular in Da Nang city. However, it is a good and inexpensive backpacking destination.

Just about 20km northeast of the city centre, Ghenh Bang is rarely recommended in Son Tra Peninsula tour due to the dangerous and bendy roads, taking plenty of time to come to. Finishing the asphalted road, tourists must park and walk on foot over big rocks site with 1 km to come to Ghenh Bang.


What to explore at Ghenh Bang?

Visitors will be fascinated with the thousands of large to small-sized rocks of many different shapes along over 2km of the white sandy beach. Due to the smooth rocks stick with shells soaking in the sea for a long time, visitors must be careful to prevent from cutting feet. For those who are keen on adventure, conquering natural Ghenh Bang is an interesting activity. Going through the rocks, visitors will enjoy a scenic masterpiece with an amazing pristine beach surrounded by lush green trees.

One of the reasons why Ghenh Bang is unpopular is due to poor facilities, not meeting tourists’ necessities. There are some tents set up by locals together with poor service with some drinks, canvas sheets, fishing rods and snorkel glasses. In spite of poor services, the pristine beauty of Ghenh Bang attracts a sizeable amount of young visitors.

Ghenh Bang offers a unique opportunity for visitors to discover a magical new world under the sea with thousands of marine creatures, including colourful corals and fanciful fish. It is supposed to be a wonderful place for the lovers of diving and underwater worlds, or for those who like an adventure. Here, they can find a beautiful, hidden world below the surface of the blue water, which is waiting for them to explore.

According to the Management Board of Son Tra Peninsula and beaches of Da Nang, visitors come to Ghenh Bang to go fishing and dive, enjoy the fresh seafood. However, it is crucial for visitors to know some basic knowledge about scuba diving and medical care to prevent unexpected accidents. In general, Ghenh Bang is supposed to be an ideal backpacking destination thanks to its fascinating natural landscape.


How to get to Ghenh Bang?

The best way is to use motorbike as it is more flexible. You just need to follow the road to Son Tra Penisula and Ghenh Bang is located on the way to Son Tra.

Another option is to use a taxi or rental car to get there faster and more expensive.