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33 Things To Do In Reus Catalonia

By Jackie De Burca – Follow Jackie on Twitter

Reus city centre is awash with gorgeous architecture. Although the town’s main claim to fame is being the home town of Gaudi, it has heaps more to offer than this alone. In parts of the centre, beautiful buildings are so frequent, that you just turn your head and another one is staring you in the face. 

Reus Spain Prim SquareIt has that wonderful feeling of being protected by the mountains, but with the sea only a short distance away. So although strictly speaking it falls into the inland category, you’re not far from the coast at all.

Located 10 km from where the sea laps onto the shoreline of the Costa Dorada, Reus has its own small airport only 3 km from the town centre. This is serviced by the likes of Ryanair and other budget airlines.

However heaps of passengers who use these airlines have no idea of the beauty of the city itself, and just head off to nearby seaside towns. The closest beach is at Salou, but there are plenty of other ones also to choose from, such as La Pineda and Cambrils. Alternatively the fabulous city of Tarragona is only 14 km away, which is around a 15 minute drive or so.

Spain top cities-Reus Spain Streets

Find out about how Reus feels and looks, and check out 33 things that you can do in or near Reus.

My first time in the city centre of Reus was in late August, and apart from the amazing architecture, I was really struck by the amount of lovely shops. Quite a few of these shops also had some outdoor displays of their stock, no doubt there to tempt you to come in to buy, but at the same time adding to the buzzy street atmosphere.


I had seen photos online of Plaza de Prim, but of course they can’t translate the majesty that surrounds you, when you are in the square in person. For me the pleasure of just having a cup of coffee in the square is enough of an excuse to go to Reus, although there are plenty more.

One reason that many people visit the town of Reus, is to follow in the footsteps of Gaudi. There is a route that you can walk along, that lets you trace where he was born, baptised, and spent his childhood and youth, and incorporates a visit to the Gaudí Centre. Also the city is part of a four-part destination route, which also takes you to places where other creative geniuses have spent time – so you could follow in the footsteps of Picasso, Miro and Casals. Learn more by clicking on the Route of the Four Geniuses.

Picasso Centre Horta de Sant Joan
Picasso Centre Horta de Sant Joan

Lovers of modernism also flock to the city, to visit the modernist buildings that make up the city’s Modernism Route. In reality you don’t even need to do the route, although of course it would be very nice to do it if you’ve an interest in modernism or architecture. Once you get into the central part of the city, you’re more or less tripping up over modernist buildings anyhow.


Things To Do

Architectural Interest

1. Ajuntament de Reus – Reus Town Hall

Plaça del Mercadal, 1, 43201 Reus

You have to admire the fact that so many towns both in Catalonia and the Valencia community has lovely town halls. Sometimes you’ll see this even in some of the smaller villages, and is city like Reus, the Town Hall is one of many buildings should be admired. The original building on the same site dated back to the 16th century.

Reus Town Hall

2. Plaça de Prim – Prim Square

Although this  is not where you’ll find the Gaudi Centre, this square tends to be one of the most photographed locations in Reus. Guess why??

Spain top cities-Reus Plaza de Prim
Reus Plaza de Prim

3. Plaça del Mercadal

If you’ve already ticked number 1 off this list of things to do in Reus, then you’ll have been to Plaça del Mercadal. Whatever is your first or main reason to go there, don’t forget to just hang out and take in the beauty.

4. Antic Hospital de Sant Joan Reus – Old Hospital of Saint John Reus

In the book written by Sr. Pere Anguera, about the history of the hospital from 1240 until 1990, it states that little was known about the hospital in the early days, except for that primitive hospital did exist in the year 1244.

Right up until the 16th century the income of the hospital depended on those who were kind enough to leave donations. However later by the 18th-century there was a proper management system in place.

5. A Giant Celebration – Statues For The Being The City of Giants In Catalonia In 1993

In a way I prefer not to tell you about this one, because kind of fun just stumble upon these statues. The tradition of giants across Catalonia is absolutely huge, excuse the pun, and these statues celebrate Reus being the city of giants in Catalonia, in the year 1993.

6. Salou Dancing Fountains

Making the short 9 km journey to Salou for one of the evenings of your holiday, is just worthwhile purely to see the Salou Dancing Fountains. Officially known as the Font Iluminosa Salou – The Illuminated Fountain – this performance includes 210 variations of light, water and music. Check it out here at Salou Illuminated Fountain.

Penya Tallada Salou Fishermen

7. La Masia Catalana Salou – The Catalan Farmhouse

Regardless of what time of year your holiday is, the Catalan Farmhouse in Salou is also worth a visit. During the summer season there is quite a lot going on there, and a Christmas you can see the live nativity scene there. Find out more here at the Catalan Farmhouse Salou.

8. General Prim Statue – Plaça de Prim – Prim Square Reus

You don’t want to miss the striking figure that the statue of General Prim strikes in the square in his honour.

9. Fortuny Statue

Just around the corner you can see the statue in honour of Marià Fortuny i Marsal – the best known Catalan painter of his time, at home and internationally, who was more commonly called Marià Fortuny or Mariano Fortuny.

10. House Where José Tapiró y Baró Was Born

José Tapiró y Baró was a close friend of Fortuny’s and another great Catalan painter. You can see the house where he was born also in Reus.


11. Tarragona Beaches

Have you ever sunbathed and swam with an amphitheatre in the background? If not then why not head off to the wonderful city of Tarragona to check out its beaches. It’s only 14 km away from Reus, so click here on Tarragona Beaches to check them out.

Tarragona Spain

12. Salou Beaches

Alternatively if you prefer an obviously super lively holiday resort town, then Salou could be your cup of tea …or pint or two of beer, as might be the case in a place like this. It’s a mere 9km from Reus. See the resort’s beaches by following the link for Salou Beaches.

13. Cambrils Beaches

A very popular choice with Irish families is the port town of Cambrils. You can find lovely beaches there, plus a Mc Donald’s that’s in a great location, just looking at the promenade and sea. See the Cambrils beaches here – they are around 12km from Reus.

14. La Pineda Beach

Another good spot for a fine beach of around 2.5km in length is La Pineda, also not far away from Reus, at around 14km. At some spots you can lose yourself in the glorious smell of pine trees at La Pineda Beach.


15. Església Prioral de Sant Pere de Reus – Priory Church Of St. Peter Reus

This is a striking church which has great architecture, and it’s not too far away from the Gaudi Centre. It has gorgeous stained glass, was built between 1512 and 1569.


16. Salvador Vilaseca of Reus Archaeological Museum

Calle Raval de Santa Anna, 59, 43201 Reus – Phone: +34 977 010 660

Here you can see items such as ceramics from the 16th and 17th centuries, Baroque religious statues, Gothic panels, plus remains from different periods, such as the Roman and prehistoric eras. The collection takes you on a journey of the history of this fine city.

Theme Parks

17. Port Aventura Salou

The famous Port Aventura is hardly any distance away from Reus – around a 10km journey. To find out more about the theme park that in 2012, won the award of being Europe’s Best Amusement Park, follow the link Port Aventura Salou.

18. Aquopolis Costa Dorada- La Pineda Platja

Only 14km from Reus you can visit the water park, which is just the beach in La Pineda Platja, click here for details.


Modernist Routes

19. Casa Gasull Reus – Gasull House

Carrer de Sant Joan 29

Designed by the amazing prolific architect Lluís Domènech i Muntaner, in collaboration with his son Pere Domènech i Roura, this modernist house was built in 1911 for the oil trader, Pere Gasull i Roig.

20. Gaudi Centre Reus

Plaça del Mercadal

Whether you came to the city of Reus because of Anton Gaudí or not, it would be something close to a crime to spend time there and check out the Gaudí Centre. Right in the heart of the old historic part of city, is centred that pays tribute to the city’s most famous son, allowing you to tap into his genius and engage your senses.

21. Gaudi Route Reus

Ideally, if you have enough time, you should do the Gaudi Route in Reus, which will take you to where he was born, baptised and places where he spent his childhood and youth. It also takes in the Gaudí Centre. Click here to find out more.

22. Casa Navàs – Navas House

Corner of Carrer de Jésus

Another creation of the prolific architect Lluis Domenech i Montaner, Casa Navàs was built between the years of 1901-1908. The best craftsmen of the time were involved and it has not (as yet in 2014) undergone any refurbishment work.

23. Insitut Pere Mata – Peter Mata Institute

Outskirts of town

Built between 1897 and 1912, Institut Pere Mata in Reus was designed by Lluis Domenech i Montaner., as the area’s psychiatric hospital. It’s listed as a modernist architectural BCIL and specifically, the pavilion is a Distinguished Cultural Asset of National Interest ever since 2013

24. Casa Pinyol

Plaça Mercadal

This is a modernist building by the architect, Pere Caselles I Tarrats, which was built in 1910.

25. Casa Rull

Carrer de Sant Joan 27

Casa Rull is another modernist building by Lluís Domènech i Montaner, constructed in 1901.

26. Escoles Prat de la Riba

L’avinguda Prat de la Riba 36.

This was built by Pere Caselles i Tarrats, in 1911.

27. Escorxador (now the library)

Carrer de l’Escorxador

The sign can still be seen at the top of the building that shows it was the slaughter house. It was designed by Pere Caselles i Tarrats, in 1899.

28. Estació Enològica – Onelogy Station

Passeig Sunyer 4 – 6

Another marvellous modernist building by Pere Caselles i Tarrats, built between 1906 to 1910. It certainly looks like an interesting place to work, studying all aspects of wine …

29. Casa Munné

Raval Martí Folguera 2

Casa Munné was designed by Pere Caselles i Tarrats, in 1904,

30. Casa Sardà

L’avinguda Prat de la Riba, 41

Also by Pere Caselles i Tarrats, in 1896

31. Casa Marco

Raval Santa Anna 23 – 25

Casa Marco is by Pere Domènech Roura, from the year 1926,

32. Xalet Serra

Carretera de Castellvell

The Serra Chalet is by Joan Rubió i Bellver, designed in 1911.

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33. Reus Central Market

Carrer Sardà i Cailà, s/n – Phone. 977 300 006

Located almost opposite to the old hospital of St. John, Reus’ Central Market has been serving customers since 1949. It’s a big market, that measures 3915m2 and also has another 443m2 for storage and fridges.

Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 08:00 a 14:00, Friday 07:30 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 20:30. Saturday 07:30 a 15:00