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Music For Cancer Whelans Dublin 4th January 2020

As the name suggests, this is a fundraiser concert in aid of cancer and all proceeds will go to the Irish Cancer Society. The benefit gig has been organised by Sarah Barrett, writer of the Berlin guide, and Kate O’Loughlin in memory of both of their Mams. All of the musicians taking part are doing so to support this cause, that let’s face it – is close to many peoples’ hearts.

“I’ll be joining a great list of acts who will be out in force to support this amazing event, all in aid of the Irish Cancer Society.” Pádraig Fitzsimons

Bands Line-Up for Music For Cancer Whelan’s (all band names link to their Facebook pages)
Saint Sapphire
Lewis Kelly

Click on the REGISTER link to your right, buy your ticket online, at a cost of only €10.00. Your name will be on the door at Whelan’s – one of the world’s most famous music venues.

Whelans Dublin by Dara Munnis
Whelans Dublin by Dara Munnis
The above photo is copyright of the amazing photographer, Dara Munnis. Dara’s superb photographs make wonderful presents and can be purchased at the Dara Munnis shop. Be sure to check it out as you could easily find your favourite band/musician there!
Listen: Northern Irish punks Saint Sapphire release new single ‘Rule The World Tonight’ by Hotpress

The Belfast boys are back with an upbeat, hard-edged new track.

The blistering new track ‘Rule The World Tonight’ follows in that signature Saint Sapphire vein of unique musicality, infectious hooks and streetwise swagger.

The Northern Irish band seamlessly fuse indie-rock with punk, creating a repertoire of work that overflow with anthemic choruses mixed with veritable aggression, angst and anger with a little bit of frustration sprinkled on top.

Check out the track below for a sonic assault on the senses.

Saint Sapphire Beater Sticks A. Walker

Super producer who worked with Jimi Hendrix on board for Belfast band Saint Sapphire‘s first album

A BELFAST band has signed a record deal which will see its first album produced by the rock industry heavyweight behind hits by Jimi Hendrix, the Rolling Stones, Santana and the Ramones.

Saint Sapphire has signed to Ghost Music, a hybrid record label which is a partnership between US sports fitness brand Ghost Wellness and Sony Music’s Orchard distribution network.

This will see the band’s image and QR code on the side of water bottles, which are scanned to take the drinker to a series of pages such as Spotify where they can find out more about them.

The three-piece, featuring frontman, guitarist and primary songwriter Sam Morgan, drummer Adam Walker and lead guitarist Danny Martin, are an indie-rock/punk fusion.

Super producer Glen Kolotkin – who mixed Hendrix’s `Electric Ladyland’, engineered on `Satanic Majesties’ for the Stones and produced Journey’s first three albums – is at the helm for their first offering.

Their latest single and video launch has premiered on around 14 different streaming and TV platforms including Amazon and Apple.

Interview with Saint Sapphire by Ben Magee / October 9, 2018, ChordBlossom

I had a chance to sit down with local rock and rollers Saint Sapphire during one of their practices at the Blackstaff Mill. I went in expecting 15-minute recording, I left with just under an hours worth of material. The relevant text of the conversation has been recorded below, but what has been left out are stories ranging from perilous journeys returning from Tesco at 5 Am, making animal noises at Sunflowerfest and the worlds most beautiful McDonalds. None of which had anything to do with my questions, but that is very much the nature of Saint Sapphire: unpredictable, funny and bordering on relentless.

Saint Sapphire band from Belfast

? I’ll try and keep this sweet. So, first of all, how are you all doing?

Adam Walker: Oh has it started? (I confirmed that we had indeed started) Oh sweet.

Sam Morgan: I’m doing swell.

? You guys are playing a lot of shows recently, is this a build up to a tour or are you just always working?

SM: I think up until recently, we’ve always been doing (live) stuff but right now we’re focusing on just doing studio stuff.

AW: Yeah, we’re really focusing on writing right now.

SM: Perfecting a sound, like a proper sound… We don’t want to play shows half-assed and not rehearsed so yeah, (we are focusing on) studio stuff.

? You don’t take yourselves that seriously online, is this (the band) the only thing you are really serious about?

AW: You can’t have fun if you’re taking yourself that seriously.

SM: Yeah, I feel like and I think we all feel like a lot of people take themselves way too seriously because at the end of the day, especially when you’re on a local scene basis, it is really easy to get lost in the idea that “Oh were in a band, we’re high and mighty” but at the end of the day… I think a lot of people just take themselves too seriously.

Eoghan Johnson: I think it was Justin Hawkins (The Darkness Frontman) who said every rock and roll band should have a bit of spinal tap in them. I don’t think rock and roll is a genre where you can take yourself too seriously… Yes take the music seriously but when it comes to having fun and having a good time you know?

SM: Yeah music is the one thing we take really seriously but we try not to remove all joy from it… We don’t want our personalities getting lost in the fact that were in a band.

AW: You’d rather see a band onstage who are shit and having a good time rather than the most technical band of all time playing.

Danny Martin: Obviously there is some seriousness there though, like coming up to a gig well pull our heads out.

SM: I prefer soul and the vibe to technical shows.

EJ: Character!

SM: Character, exactly!

? So less than seriousness, would you say its more of a respect thing you have for what you’re doing?

AW: Yeah absolutely.

? On the back of that point, you guys were named one of the top 10 bands to watch in 2018 by the Irish Daily Star. Is that recognition/respect something you strive for or enjoy?

SM: I don’t know if I’d go as far to say… Its really cool to have (things like that to) happen. But you don’t want it to become more important than the music, making good tunes and having a laugh have always been the most important thing.

EJ: Of course you want to be liked.

SM: Absolutely.

DM: You want people to respect you as a band.

EJ: It’s amazing if someone else likes what you’re doing.

AW: It doesn’t matter (to me) if one hundred articles say how good a band is, you need to go and see for yourself. (This is) almost like a lifestyle now… we’ve pretty much devoted ourselves to this.

? Just on the subject of recording, your newest release Hurricane has the makings of a lead single. Is there an album on the way?

SM: Not at the moment, mainly because… there is a very real issue in that it is really expensive to record music.

DM: We do have new material.

SM: We have so much material, but when you’re just doing stuff yourself it is really expensive to fund your own recordings. There are various things in the pipeline, we are going into the studio next week.

EJ: I think the main thing to say is that Saint Sapphire has changed their sound so much.

SM: Yeah its gone through a serious transformation, I’d say its gone from an almost pop-punky band to being like a rock and roll type of band.

AW: Just don’t listen to any songs recorded before last spring.

DM: Nothing prior to November 2017.

EJ: The new recordings will show a new Saint Sapphire.

SM: I really feel like… this new recording is gonna be an arrival. Saint Sapphire has always been my pet project and its gone through so many different genres, forms etc but certainly the tune we are going in to do is, finally I think, what we were looking for.

AW: Its kind of weird to think that all of my favourite Saint Sapphire songs haven’t been recorded yet… like its weird for me that the sound that people will associate with Saint Sapphire isn’t what we sound like now.

SM: We are actually going in to record an old song… It was recorded and all but I fucking hated it so much.

EJ: Saint Sapphire has evolved and is evolving.

SM: This new song we are going in to record… all the (new) songs are in the same vein as it and its fucking fantastic.

AW: We have finally found our wee hole.




Lewis Kelly

Manchester born Singer/Songwriter Lewis Kelly, provides relatable and captivating content for his listeners. Lewis’ lyrics always tell a story and he shares his personal experiences with his natural, strong vocals & his bold chord progressions.

Keep an eye out on Lewis and his journey as a musician- one for the future you don’t want to miss him and his continuous rise to success.

“The Essence Of Sheeran & Capaldi Shine Throughout” -(Writers Block Promotions)

“The Listeners Can Relate To Many Of His Lyrics While Enjoying His Relaxed, Laid Back, Stunning Vocals & Upbeat Chords” – (MusicBox PR)

For a lad of 17, Lewis has managed to create some captivating material and execute it to a standard that he should be proud of.

Lewis Kelly musician Music for Cancer Whelans
Lewis Kelly

“For a lad of 17, Lewis has managed to create some captivating material and execute it to a standard that he should be proud of.”

Read more about Lewis in this interview over at Writers Block Promotions.

Facebook: Lewis Kelly Music

Pádraig Fitzsimons

Pádraig is a singer/songwriter hailing from the fair city of Belfast. Performing since 2012, he has grounded some experience of the music scene and is always ready to get involved with his audience.

Pádraig performs in local pubs and venues in Belfast, enjoying giving the gift of music as entertainment. The most important part of showcasing his music is making sure the audience are enjoying what he has to offer; and so seeing a smile on someones face always encourages Pádraig to continue and grow as an artist. In 2018 and 2019, he performed live for Féile an Phobail at different showcase events for local talent, most notably at Belfast City Hall for the Féile Rocks Pride gig.

Padraig Fitzsimons music

Writing his own songs and covering tracks that he enjoys is what Pádraig loves the most, particularly when he gets the opportunity to share the experience with listeners. Over the past year, Pádraig has been building a roster of his own original music in the hopes of releasing these as singles, and later on an album, in the near future. He has now released his debut original single, ‘Memories’, and the follow-up single ‘Stay With Me’, which can be found on his website and all digital stores. As his goal continues to progress, Pádraig will continue to provide more music for you all to enjoy, whilst seeking out established venues to snatch-up and set a tour in place.

Facebook: Pádraig Fitzsimons Music

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