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Pilipinyahan Summer Festival Tagaytay 1st week of May

If you are planning to be around Tagaytay during the first week of May, the Pilipinyahan Summer Festival in Tagaytay promotes and celebrates pineapples as the most alluring agricultural product in the country. The festival celebrates pineapples as an important fruit, particularly to the island nation of the Philippines. The country has continued to grow and sell pineapples since the Spanish came over and introduced the fruit to local agriculture. Today, the Philippines is the second largest producer of pineapples in the world by growing 1.618 tons as of 2010.

Pineapples are more than just food for the Filipinos as the leaves of the fruit can produce a fibre called piña (this is also the Spanish word for pineapple). When combined with either silk or polyester, the textile fabric of piña is then used to make the country’s National Costume, the Barong Tagalog for men and the Baro’t Saya for women.


Huge floats are decorated with pineapples as they parade down the main road of Tagaytay City with tons of dancing and displays of creativity and artistic abilities. Residents of the cool city also participate in the said festival as they decorate their houses using the much-loved fruit. Shows demonstrate the wide range of dishes that can be cooked using pineapples as well as the selling of the famous Pineapple and Pili Pies that make a perfect sweet dessert.

Information and photo above courtesy of Cush Travel

Main photo courtesy of: Dumaguete Info

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Pilipinyahan Summer Festival Tagaytay

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