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International Green Week Berlin 17th to 19th January 2020

Since 1926 – International & Unique

The 85th (94 years) International Green Week will take place in January 2020. Founded in Berlin in the Golden 20s (1926), IGW is a one-of-a-kind international exhibition of the food, agriculture and gardening industries.

Popular with consumers and trade visitors

IGW is the origin of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA). This is where over 80 international ministries and food producers meet – their displays reveal the fascinating world of the food and beverage industries.

Where tradition and future meet

Everyone who has been around since 1926 knows how traditions are maintained, as well as how innovations are created in order to ensure continuity. Renewable resources, organic agriculture, gardening and the future of rural development continue to gain importance at International Green Week. So come by and visit us in January, and enjoy Green Week.

The Green Week Experience:
Comprehensive range of international and domestic foods and beverages
The very finest produce
Product markets for beer, wine and champagne, meats and sausages, seafood, teas, herbs and spices
Agricultural and horticultural machinery and equipment, seeds and greenhouses
Gardening supplies, breeding stock, pets and everything relating to hunting and fishing
Kitchen appliances, kitchen fixtures and household appliances

What IGW trade visitors can expect:
Over 1,800 exhibitors with over 100,000 products from all over the world
300 technical conferences
Food industry representatives, wholesalers, retailers, caterers
Agricultural importers
International specialists from all fields of agriculture, forestry, horticulture and commercial fishing
Agricultural policy and administration experts

The Davos of Agribusiness
Green Week offers an extensive supporting program
Every year more than 300 forums, seminars, conferences and committee meetings take place. Some of the events sponsored by agricultural and food industry commissions took place over a period of several days.

Highlights of the Supporting Program:

GFFA Global Forum for Food and Agriculture
Future Forum for Rural Development
Biofuel Congress

In terms of agricultural policy, the importance of the exhibition is clearly demonstrated by the presence of 200 international ministers and secretaries of state.

Next year the Fresh Meat Forum professional seminar will once again focus on the latest industry issues. In addition, the food industry demonstrates the processes used to refine foods, and the retail food industry presents itself as an important link to our customers.

More about Berlin Discover Berlin

Anne Frank Zentrum Mural Berlin Berlin has something for everyone. We walked down alleyways in day time and we stumbled across some of the most beautiful street art murals I have ever seen. Rich and intense street art. There was even a mural of Anne Frank located on Rosenthaler Straße, just outside the Anne Frank Zentrum, where the entry fee is €5. The project tells of Anne’s life and how it affects the present. Each borough has it’s own personality and the buildings all vary in shape, size and design. I straight away felt Berlin was very new, but I didn’t know a lot about it’s history but upon learning about the reunification in 1990, I understood it was a young city.

Read more in Sarah's Berlin Germany Travel Guide.

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      International Green Week Berlin 17th to 19th January 2020

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