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Dublin Dance Festival May 2020 dates TBA

“We believe in the power of dance to move, connect and inspire change.”

Our 2019 Festival, which took place from 1-19 May, was a roaring success! Thanks to everyone who came along and took part. Relive the magic with our highlights reel!

Dublin Dance Festival Purpose

Dublin Dance Festival champions the potential of the moving body to unlock new perspectives on our changing world.

Working nationally and internationally, Dublin Dance Festival acts as a vital interchange between contemporary dance artists and audiences; creating and sharing extraordinary dance experiences, generating opportunities for artists and deepening engagement with Dance in Ireland.

Dublin Dance Festival brings artists and audiences together to create and share exceptional, provocative and relevant dance experiences.


What We Do

Each year in May, DDF presents the best Irish and international dance performances in venues throughout the city to a growing and evolving audience.

DDF is a vital platform for artists and the creation of new work. We generate opportunities for artists, both nationally and internationally, through residencies, commissions and partnerships and by encouraging artistic collaboration, experimentation, risk-taking and innovation in dance.

DDF actively seeks-out, establishes and evolves collaborations with like-minded organisations, venues and strategic partners to create opportunities year-round for audiences and artists, exploring new models for producing and touring dance.

Dublin Dance Festival values

Audacious & Adaptive

We put innovation and creativity at the heart of the organisation. Constantly looking for new opportunities across all we do to thrive as an organisation and drive relevance for art, culture and dance.

Connected & Collaborative

We actively look for constructive ways to establish, support and evolve relationships in ways that are beneficial to all involved – team members, partners, community, artists and audiences.

Generous & Inclusive

We strive to add positively to society through our actions. We champion integrity, equality and diversity, being unafraid to challenge preconceptions, while delivering an exceptional standard of work.

Artistic Direction
Benjamin Perchet (Current Artistic Director)

Julia Carruthers

Laurie Uprichard

Catherine Nunes (Founding Artistic Director)

All images and information courtesy of Dublin Dance Festival

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      Dublin Dance Festival

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