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Andalucian Music Festival Chefchaouen 27th to 29th July 2020

Moultaka Al-Andalousiate

Convinced by the need to continue the process of safeguarding everything that is beautiful and authentic, the Ministry of Culture of Morocco, has been ensuring for decades, the organization of Moultaka of the so-called Andalusian Music Chefchaouen. The celebration of this festival also aims to pay tribute to certain symbols of Moroccan Andalusian music.

This is why there is a strong participation of Andalusian troops from the major capitals: Fez, Rabat, Tetouan, Tangiers, Meknes and Casablanca. This festival is a unique and original opportunity to enrich the musical-spiritual links between its members.

The Chaouni public has been listening to Andalusian singing for a long time and appreciates these entertaining evenings. The end of June is a permanent artistic rendezvous for the organization of Moultaka Al-Andalousiat which reached its thirty-one sessions in 2016. This year, the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Municipality of Chefchaouen and the province ensure the safeguarding of this festival in its agenda of its annual festivals. In short, he is impatient every year to receive his beloved: the so-called Andalusian music.

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Chefchaouen-Morocco hillside view You could go to the blue city of Morocco with absolutely no checklist of places, and still have a wonderful time. It is possible thanks to the beauty of the streets and habitations of the small town. That makes it easy and fun to get lost in the charming shades of blue that overtake Chefchaouen.   There are many theories and explanations for why the blue city of Morocco is the way it looks today. To figure this out, let’s have a quick crash course on the historical background of this otherworldly city.   The Insta-famous Chefchaouen Morocco, often described as a soul magnet was founded in 1471. It was originally built as a means of defense against the Portuguese invasion. However, it only bloomed with the arrival of Jewish and Muslim refugees, who left Spain because of the forced conversion to Christianity.

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Andalucian Music Festival Chefchaouen

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