Even smaller than its neighbour, Portbou, with around half the number of residents, at a total of about 600, if you're looking for somewhere to escape the normal tourist trappings then Colera may be for you. The centre of the village can be found only 200 metres away from the beach, and the locals simply call it Plaza Mayor – which means Big Square.

In the square you can choose from a couple of cafes, and sip your drink of choice under the banana tree, the Arbe de Libertat (The Liberty Tree), which was planted in 1898 for the town's centenary. As you can imagine this is pretty much where the activity is, the Town Hall is located here as well some of the villages oldest shops. You'll also find a smattering of restaurants and bars.

So if you're looking for somewhere that is much more peaceful than the vast majority of its counterparts on the Costa Brava, then this village may be a good choice. The tourist office, although small, does offer a range of walking routes, some of these are around the Albera nature reserve. The village also has a couple of attractions such as the Hermitage, the Castle ruins, and the Art Parc at Playa d’en Goix.

By the way if you're checking out other guidebooks before your trip, it's best to be aware that sometimes this village is listed as San Miguel de Colera, which when Carlos III (Charles III) authorised its establishment, in July 1770, this was its official name. Also if you do go to visit, you'll notice that the locals talk about San Miguel which is the residential area of Colera. San Miguel, or St Michael, is also the village's patron saint. And of course it's also a beer…

This authentic village is where the Albera mountain range meet the Mediterranean sea. For those who like hiking and climbing, a trip up to Les Orelles de la Mula, is well worthwhile, for the breathtaking views that you’ll get around 690 m above sea level. If like me dolmens fascinate you, then you should go to Esquers Hill.

Other interesting activities are chilling out and enjoying pure relaxation on one of the beaches. In fact you could easily spend a super relaxing holiday, dividing up your time between the beach and the main square….or you could even think about going wild mushroom hunting! As well as the various walks and treks in the area, you can also go diving or sailing.

If you decide to travel towards the end of September that’s the time of the town’s main Fiesta, in honour of the patron saint of St Michael – his feast day is the 29th September.
Things To Do
Archaeological Civilisations
Colera Dolmenes – Dolmens of Colera

Located around 7 km from the village centre, you’ll find the Dolman’s of Colera. From the Neolithic period, you can see one Dolman at Mas Patiràs and remains of two at Pla dels Capellans. If you like walking you could walk there, or as you can cycle or travel in a 4×4.

Colera Platja Del Borro Costa Brava-1
Platja d’en Goixa – Goixa Beach

This is the beach that you can find just by the train station, it has disabled access, and there are showers and drinking water. It’s a pretty, pebbly, peaceful beach.
Platja de Garbet – Garbet Beach

North of Colera you find this beach, which is probably around 650 metres long and around 150 metres so wide. This is a simple, pebbly beach, but has been home since 1948 to what some would consider one of the nicest chiringuitos on the Costa Brava.

Restaurant Garbet has been included in this list of the top 100 restaurants in Spain. Just like its romantic location, the restaurant makes as much use as possible of local fresh ingredients, and is proud of its traditions. Main courses are arranging generally from around €18 for some, to dishes for two people at up to around €44 or so.

For those of you with your own boat, you’ll be happy to hear that the restaurant provides a taxi boat service, with exclusive mooring, if you call them beforehand.
Punta d’Es Borro . Borro Point

This is an isolated beach, which the nudists tend to like, and is rather small, so unless you’re comfortable with that it may not be the place for you.
Castell Mas i Molí d’Aigua – Ruins of Castle and Watermill (17th century)

You can visit the rules of the Castle and the 17th-century watermill, around 4 km from the village
Els Canons – The Canons

Around 500 m from the port, you can see the two canons, that were left from the time when a project for the construction of a defence tower had been ordered, in 1770. However money problems got in the way and it wasn’t built, although the site still has the two canons.
Ermita de Sant Miquel de Colera – Hermitage of Saint Michael of Colera

Located also around 7 km out of the village, you’ll find the Hermitage of St Michael, which dates to the 11th century. This is worth a visit, it’s in good condition and also there’s nice views from it.
Colera Costa Brava

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Colera by Cecilia Rey –

Colera Costa Brava by Paula Rey –

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