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Created by Jackie De Burca, the author of Salvador Dalí at Home, Travel Inspires aims to highlight the magical inspiration that can be found in places that we visit and spend time in. Travel Inspires collaborates with talented travel bloggers, tour guides and other experts, offering comprehensive travel guides, from a range of perspectives. 

Storytelling linked to the land, its people, culture, art and mythology helps travellers to experience these destinations more deeply. Below are a few examples.

The comprehensive travel guides are being designed ambitiously with the concept of being full of superb, useful information written by top experts in that particular country or place. There is the main guide itself, but then we also invite creative travel bloggers, tour guides and other local experts to contribute. We believe that this offers our audience an incredibly well rounded perspective.

Salvador Dali at Home by Jackie de Burca

Here you can see the Spain Travel Guide, already with some contributions from bloggers, guides and experts..and with more coming soon. We’re very much looking forward to a very special feature that we’ll publish soon, all about olive oil and the relationship the farmer has to his trees and the entire process.

Jackie was inspired to set up this blog and organisation during her work on the book, Salvador Dalí at Home. Her journey of researching Dalí’s immense connection to his homeland of Catalonia showed her how integral our environments can be to our well-being, creativity and life experience.

Travel Inspires intends to promote sustainability through this genre of storytelling.

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